Job Recognition

Job Recognition

Job recognition consists of showing interest, approval, and appreciation for a job well done. Using effective recognition, it is possible to align…
employee experience

Outstanding Employee Experience- How to Make It Work

Learn how to frame a policy that promotes an outstanding employee experience.


Here Is How to Control Passive Element Inventory with GIS

Here is how to control Passive Element Inventory with GIS for incredible fiber serviceability

Design Thinking

Design Thinking in Simple Words

Which is the objective of Design Thinking? Learn the five phases of the process to enhance creativity and maximize your time.

Outstanding Employee Experience

Five Tips for an Outstanding Employee Experience

Here are the top tips to help you ensure every employee in your organization feels valued, appreciated, and heard.


Google Makes Domotics Creation Easier than Flipping a Switch

Thanks to the cutting-edge work accomplished by the brilliant Google techies, the Smart home has truly arrived. Their recent accomplishments on “demotics” have made the creation and use of smart home apps easier than flipping a light switch.

Onboard New Employees

How to Onboard New Employees in a Remote Environment

One challenge is onboarding new employees in a 100% remote environment. Herein is a discussion on how to onboard remote workers effectively.

working at Intraway

From Zero to Trainee

Read this blog for a first-hand experience on how working at Intraway can transform your career and development skills.

managing your tech team

6 Best Practices for Managing Your Tech Team

Here are 6 best practices all Project Managers should take into consideration while managing their tech teams.

digital well being

The importance of digital well-being

Why is it important to promote digital well-being? Here are five benefits that businesses can obtain by promoting digital well-being among their employees.