data migration

Stages of a data migration process

Learn all the steps involved in a data migration project.

Telecommunications, fertile ground for FPGAs

Learn in this blog post the impact of FPGAs and the different development directions that it will continue to grow


Does blockchain play an important role in the industry?

In this blog, learn the basic concepts to understand the blockchain and be able to start developing Dapps.

Architecture Patterns Design Based on Cloud Services With Reliability and Scalability

Amazon AWS provided us with several tools useful to bring resilience to services. But, first, we need to understand the core definitions of Horizontal Scaling, Vertical Scaling, Availability Zones, Resources and Services.

history of the Telecommunications

A Brief history of the Telecommunications – Part 3

In this last part of the blog, we are analyzing the next big changes that are coming hand in hand with quantum mechanics and how they can affect telecommunications in the future.


What is GitOps?

GitOps is a philosophy, an operative model for Kubernetes (and other similar technologies too) that provides a set of best practices that unifies cluster and application deployment, management, and supervision.

scrum master

Learning the Ropes: Scrum Master

Find out how to become a Scrum Master and learn first-hand suggestions that will help you in your day-to-day work.

agile project management

Agile Project Management — A Brief Overview

There are several project management strategies. Here is an overview of what Agile Project Management entails. 


Puppet Introduction

Learn the basics of Puppet in this introduction blog: how it works, what manifests are and how facter works.

system modeling

System modeling in the software development

Learn all about system modeling, its importance during the developing process and its four kinds of models.