15-minute daily huddle

The 15-minute daily huddle can improve how the day develops. The daily huddle consists of a 15-minute or less meeting where each one of the participants presents and shares with the team their main tasks of the day. In this sense, it is very important that each participant has a clear view of the most important topic of the day. You only choose one task and it is essential that this task is completed.

In this way, each team member shares and chooses the main task he or she will perform during the day and the task is recorded on a whiteboard. The role of the whiteboard is important because you will write down the task of each participant in detail to track how effective they were that week. During the daily huddle, each member not only describes their main task of the day, but also it is the time to briefly share good or bad news. This helps the communication and understanding of the entire team.

How does the daily huddle work?

All team members gather in a room and set the amount of time that the meeting is going to take. It should not exceed 15 minutes and this is set for the whole year. It is recommended to have the meeting early in the morning before the members start their daily tasks in order to be organized. There must be a whiteboard with a table that has the names of the members of the team and the days of the week. On the same whiteboard, you can put important information related to the participants’ tasks, for example, the number of sales, billing, etc.

Before you start with the top one priority of the day, if anyone has news or comments to share with the team, it’s the time to do so, always taking into account that the meeting should not exceed 15 minutes. Then each participant shares their main task of the day and everything from the previous day is reviewed. If some tasks were not completed, you should check the reason and see if the rest of the team can help to accomplish it. Finally, and once everyone has shared their tasks, the team discusses whether someone has some kind of inconvenience with something related to work that may or may not have to do with their top one.

Benefits of the daily huddle

This type of meeting also promotes communication within the team, helps each team member to start the day organized by evaluating how the day is going to be, how it is going to be organized and which tasks are a priority. The team leader will be aware of the tasks that will be carried out during the day. By reviewing the tasks that were previously completed, he or she can monitor how productive each day is. The daily huddle is 15 minutes that can change the day, change the way you work, and help you get organized.

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