The 3 Biggest Challenges in Tech Recruiting

Recruiting talent in the technology industry is different from recruiting talent in nearly any other industry. Hiring for diversity is a known–and ongoing–challenge for many technology companies. Further, technical recruiters may struggle to find the individuals they need with the talents that will make their company run smoothly.

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Understanding the key challenges in technical recruiting, however, can make it easier to face them–and therefore to create more effective recruiting habits.

Challenge #1: Tech Talent Tends to Cluster in Specific Geographic Areas

The top tech talent goes where the top jobs are–most notably, to giants like Google, Apple, or Facebook. Unfortunately, that means that if you aren’t located in the same areas, you’re going to have a hard time finding local candidates for your open positions. You may have a hard time bringing in candidates for job interviews, too.

The solution: Widen the geographic area you’ve allocated to your search. Provide opportunities for candidates regardless of where they live. Many technical positions can be filled remotely, by highly talented professionals who have precisely the skills you need in spite of simply living in the wrong place. For interviews, consider taking advantage of those tech skills and holding interviews over online platforms like Skype. This simple strategy will go a long way toward opening your candidate pool.

Challenge #2: Demand is Greater than Supply

In the technical field, perhaps more than any other, demand is far greater than the supply of individuals that can fill the position–especially in hot hiring areas like cybersecurity. It can be difficult, therefore, to attract great candidates. Even when they do apply for an open position, by the time you offer them a job, they may have already secured a position somewhere else.

The solution: There are several potential solutions for the high demand for individuals to fill open tech positions and the fact that it’s lower than the number of individuals who can fill them. Try some of these on for size:

  • Streamline your hiring process so that you’re able to move high-quality candidates into your open positions faster. This simple strategy can go a long way toward allowing you to snag people who are ideal for your positions.
  • Hire for cultural fit, diversity, or soft skills, rather than insisting on a specific set of hard skills or certifications. Often, employees can be trained to handle specific job skills more easily than they can be trained to change their attitudes. You may be able to give someone a much-needed start in your industry.
  • Make sure that your company is a desirable place to work. Offering reasonable pay, great benefits, and a solid work environment can help attract candidates to your open positions.
  • Use a recruiting company to help connect you more effectively with the candidates who will be a great fit for your open positions.

Challenge #3: It’s Not About the Money Anymore

Today’s employees aren’t just looking for the highest salary (though that’s going to make them think twice about an open position). Instead, they’re looking for something that makes your company stand out, whether it’s great benefits, a solid work/life balance, or a specific set of principles that govern your company’s decisions. In this fast-paced market, it can be difficult to compete!

The solution: What is it that your company, specifically, needs to stand out from the crowd? Take a look at what employees are really looking for in your industry, then take key steps to provide exactly that. This may mean reshaping your workplace culture, offering more benefits, or creating greater work/life balance within your organization. By taking those steps, however, you’ll make your company more competitive in the job market–and often make it easier to keep your existing employees.

At Intraway, we’re always looking for the best talent in the tech industry. Think you have what it takes? Check out our open positions!

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