6 Virtual Team Bonding Activities

With the ever-changing state of the world, many companies have taken advantage of online platforms to host meetings, interviews, and other work-related functions. While these platforms are a great way to stay connected to your team, people are missing the typical face to face interaction. Before COVID-19 individuals were used to getting to know people in the office, in-person meetings and eating meals with co-workers. It’s important to find a way to mimic this company culture since we don’t know how long companies will continue operating virtually. It’s important to have a strong connection with your team and coworkers. Studies have shown that team building helps individuals more connected and less isolated which is more important than ever during these uncertain times. Virtual team building allows managers to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of individuals on the team. Here are 10 virtual team bonding ideas.

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Team Happy Hour

Everyone loves a good happy hour. This is something that many companies do traditionally after a long workday. This is a great way to get to know the members of your team and relax in an informal setting. While going out to a bar or restaurant probably isn’t the best idea. You can imitate this experience by doing a virtual happy hour. Have your team members grab their favorite cocktails and take a seat in front of their computer.

Weekly Trivia Contests 

This is a great way to keep everyone on the team engaged. Trivia contests are ideal for helping those more shy to speak up and come out of their shells to participate. The category can be anything you want and you can even quiz them on trivia related to the company. This is a fun way to test their knowledge and have some fun too. You can keep score each week and turn it into a tournament with prizes.

House Tours

This is something a little more non-traditional but what better way to get to know people than seeing where they live. Have each team member give a virtual tour of their house.  Having each team member act as a tour guide will be a great way to really see their personalities. Plus who doesn’t want to see where their coworkers live?

Virtual Bingo

Virtual bingo is one of the most popular games for groups and families during the pandemic. This could be a weekly activity for everyone to look forward to. You can find premade bingo cards to send out or can make your own. You can make this as cheap or complex as you want, and who doesn’t love a good bingo game? 

Clue Murder Mystery

“Who did it” games have always been a classic favorite for groups. Many companies are releasing virtual versions of these games. Everyone will have to work together and think about the clues to crack this case. This will be a fun and rewarding activity to do as a team and whoever is the key detective will have bragging rights.

Movie Night

Everyone loves watching movies and most people have been watching tons of movies during quarantine, so why not do it together. Many movie theaters are renting popular movies out and all you need is a screen sharing function on a meeting platform. The best part is you will have something to talk about the next day at work.

Managing teams can be tough, but managing remotely can be even more challenging. Keep these ideas in mind next time you’re trying to connect your team or get to know your team members better! 

If you’re ready for a challenging career in the telecommunications industry, check out our open positions. 


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