Angular framework: why is a good idea to use it?

An Angular framework was created by Google to be used in web SPA applications (Single Page Application). In September 2016, version 2 of the framework was released. This is not an updated version of the original, but a new framework, which took two years to develop. Angular now uses TypeScript programming language that facilitates the development. Many developers love this new framework, but it also has many detractors.

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5 reasons to use an Angular framework

  1. A very important point of this framework is that it already has a defined work structure and a way to carry out the different tasks that our system requires. This is very positive for those who start with a new system as for who enters our team, being able to feel familiar with the code quickly.
  2. We recently mentioned TypeScript. It is true that many people think that having based the framework on this language is just a mistake, but not everything is what it seems. The main advantage of such unification is that documentation has consistency, and there is only one way to do each thing. While Angular does not require to use TypeScript, it has officially been adopted and that translates into much more order in documentation and examples.
  3. The angular design adopts the standard of web components. It is a set of APIs that allow you to create new custom, reusable, and self-contained HTML tags, which can then be used in other web pages and applications. These custom components will work in modern browsers and with any JavaScript library or framework that works with HTML.
    The components you create in Angular are easy to convert into native web components. In the long term, this is a great advantage as it will allow you to reuse components that you create in Angular in other types of applications.
  4. One of the main problems that exist for the JavaScript developer is that there are so many and so fast changes and updates of technologies that it is very difficult (if it is possible) to be always working with the most modern tools.
    Angular promises stability over time so that we can rest easy learning this framework without fear of having to learn something new in the short term. Angular proposes to bet on this framework.
  5. You will use advanced editors, IDEs, and other related tools such as “Linters” (style reviewers and best practices in code).
    Angular templates store the user interface and business logic code separately, so you can take advantage of the many existing tools to edit this type of files. Other frameworks such as React, for example, mix all the code in a single file. While this may have its advantages, it makes it difficult to use standard development tools.
    In addition, thanks to the popularity of Angular, major publishers and IDEs already offer extensions to work with this framework in the most comfortable way possible.

All these reasons are very important factors that must be taken into account when choosing the tools with which we are going to develop our system. Not only for its smooth operation but also thinking long term, because it will be a system which we will surely have to maintain and modify the code in the future.

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