Have you backed up your files today?

Messages from our family, pictures of our friends, work documents, and emails. Most of the information that is relevant to our daily life goes through a digital device.

Because most of the smartphones, cameras, computers, etc. save all the data by default, and all we need to do is to delete the ones we don’t need, some people think that these devices have the capacity to save everything we want to keep.

Nevertheless, devices are not indestructible. There are serious threats to data gadgets. For example, one in every 10 computers, including household and business computers, are infected with a virus.

IT safety sometimes fails… learn more here: IT Safety Culture – When Security Fails

Even though backup systems are included in most devices, information is not always completely saved. Statistics show that:

  • 29% of all data disasters are caused by accidents, costing valuable time and money.
  • 30% of people have never backed up their data once
  • 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute
  • One in every 10 computers is infected with a virus each month

An important alternative to avoid data loss is to backup your information in an established frequency. A good backup system should be continuous and include multiple layers to recover and safeguard data. Instead of storing everything in one place (like your computer), you should keep another copy somewhere safe.

A group of concerned users established the World Backup Day on March 31st. This commemoration aims to bring awareness – not only on why you should backup your data, but also to shed light on the importance of protecting our digital heritage and cultural work for future generations.

Did you know? The original idea for the March 31 date was a humorous reference to April Fool’s Day on April 1st.

How to backup your files

The two most popular  ways to backup data are:

  • An external drive (pen drive, external disc, another computer, etc.).
  • Somewhere on the Internet.

Make sure to protect your files and memories – backup your data today! Take THE WORLD BACKUP DAY PLEDGE  and join the awareness campaign.

Learn more about IT safety culture by reading IT Safety Culture – When Security Fails

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