Best Workplace: Intraway has it all!

Throughout my professional career, I’ve worked in several companies in the telecommunications industry. Many of them multinational, but I’ve never felt so comfortable and happy as now. If you are wondering about the Best Workplace: Intraway is the answer!

I was referred to the company by a friend and, at the moment, I wasn’t sure to change my job. But the reality is I never regret it. It was the best decision I could ever make.

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A little about Intraway

Intraway is a company that offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, highly configurable, and ready-to-deploy solutions to empower CSPs to achieve a key role in the digital transformation.

One can realize that the quality of professionals it is way above of other companies. I mean that they are all great professionals that surprise you day by day with the high quality of their work.

Aside from what we do at Intraway, my intention is to talk about why it’s the best place I have worked so far. I hope to continue with this company for many more years.

Why the Best Workplace: Intraway, has it all?

I’ll do my best to list and explain all the benefits that Intraway offers to its employees;. They are so many that I hope not to forget any. I will list them without any particular order, as I remember them:

Flexible Hours

Each employee can choose the time that work starts every day. Only considering the required 9 hours, and that it doesn’t interfere with any responsibilities.

Home working

Once a week we can work from home. The selected day must be previously agreed with your boss. But there is no problem in changing it if necessary.

Online Training Courses

The company offers an extensive list of online training courses of recognized platforms. You have to select the course that you want to do. The company, if reasonable, approves it and pay the expenses. Once finished, you receive the diploma from the platforms.

English classes

Once a week we have English classes. Also, every two weeks there are English speaking classes to focus on improving the speaking part. Of course, this is an option for everybody but not an obligation.

Free Drinks and Snacks

In the kitchens of the office, you can find all types of drinks and snacks. There are also goodies, fruits, etc. You can eat what you want whenever you want without any limitation.

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Subsidized lunch

We have a dining room for lunch. Every day we have a varied menu from which we can choose at a nonexistent price.


We have a very cool playroom with a football table, ping-pong table, and several TVs and PlayStation. We also have a massage chair. We use these areas mostly to relax after lunch and have some fun with our co-workers.

The Buddy Program

This is the most interesting idea. In your first day of work at Intraway, they assigned you a Buddy. That person is in charge of accompanying you in your first days. The idea is for them to show you the different offices. He or she also introduces you to your coworkers, has lunch with you, etc. This aims to make a simpler and natural integration into the workgroup. And I must say, it works perfectly.

After Office Events

The company regularly organizes events, and we are all invited. In these, After Office Events there are food, drinks, and music. We all have a nice time, enjoy ourselves and relax with our co-workers. Sometimes bands integrated by people of the company play.

Gatherings and Barbecues

When a team finishes an important goal, the company organizes gatherings and barbecues. It also pays al the costs as a way to reward employees for a very well done job.

Recognition Awards

The Kick Off takes place at the beginning of each quarter. Here, the company recognizes the most outstanding workers of the period, through prizes, gifts and purchase orders.

XL Vacation

This is a benefit that was incorporated last year. Although it’s hard to believe, at Intraway there are no policing vacations. Employees can take their vacation days whenever they want or need, as long as he does it responsibly so that he can fulfill his work obligations. The process is simple, you only have to agree with your boss when and for how long you want to take a vacation and that’s it. HR is not involved anymore in this process.

Many of the benefits we are granted for are because Intraway relies on its employees. The company understands that they are responsible professionals that will act consciously.  Employees always carry on their work as an objective to fulfill the goals that were set to them in the best possible way. But we also go beyond and surprise with WOW solutions as often as possible.

That is why it’s an honor to be part of this company. And, as I said before, I intend to continue here for many more years. I understand that working with professionals and people of great quality contributes to my professional and human development.

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