The Importance of Initiative at Work

If you want to get noticed at work, there’s no better way than showing initiative. It sets you apart from the crowd and helps to make your workday flow more smoothly. How do you prove that critical initiative that will get you noticed? Try some of these key steps.

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Step One: Keep Your Eyes Open

Every day, there are things in your company that could be improved. Product suggestions, for example, can get better performance for customers. Also, a solid process enhance can transform the way your company handles a common issue, scenario, or process. Instead of falling into the habit, be aware of these places where improvement is possible.

Once you see them, take the time to think through them. You don’t want to make suggestions that will cause problems for the company. A habit of failed suggestions won’t get you noticed in the right way. But thinking through your plan ahead of time and back it up with data, will get you in a better to position to show some initiative and make significant changes.

Step Two: Make Clear, Respectful Suggestions

A jumbled suggestion is worth little more than the paper it’s printed on, especially if no one else can understand what you need. You also want to be careful to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. You never know when a current process is the creation of the exact person you’re talking to. Before you make your suggestions, take the time to think through what you want to say, how you want to say it, and what data backs it up. Don’t insult the existing processes or traditions. Instead, take the best of them, then make suggestions for improvement that can help the whole company. When you create your proposal, make sure you can answer all doubts around it. Include details like cost, who will be responsible for taking on specific duties, and how the new plan has the potential to impact the company.

Step Three: Take Ownership

Don’t just make suggestions and expect someone else to follow through on them. If you want to show initiative at work in a way that will get you noticed, take ownership of your ideas–and of others’. Be willing to step up and take on responsibility. Whether that means running a new team or taking on additional tasks at work for a period. When someone asks for help, be willing to go the extra mile. You’ll be surprised by how many opinions of you changes at work when you’re willing to take ownership of the plans in front of you, even if that means additional work for you.

Step Four: Follow Through

The most important element of the initiative isn’t starting the process. Instead, it’s finishing it. Do you have what it takes to follow through with the project to the end? Ensure that every detail is taken care of along the way is part of the package. Are you prepared to handle all the essential details of the project? Your ability to follow through and see the project completed will be the difference between a great idea and a suggestion that actually transforms the way your company does business.

Showing initiative across your company can make a big difference in how you’re viewed at work. It can get you noticed, increase your odds of promotion, and raise your chances of moving into a position that you want. Without clear communication services throughout your company, however, it can be difficult to make those key suggestions and let upper management know what you’re doing.

Take ownership of your work in a professional development environment. Check out our open positions to join our team.

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