Internships: Learning While Doing

If there’s something that describes exactly what Internships are, it’s the sentence: “Learning While Doing.”

Internship programs give young people the opportunity to learn and practice first-hand what they are studying. Though you have a mentor (a boss who guides you in work), it’s nothing like a class at the university where you sit down and just listen to the professor’s explanation.

When you work, you challenge your knowledge because you put it down into practice right away. You do not only feel that you are practicing a professional skill, but you are doing something that is actually valuable when that task is needed by someone else in your team or is published.

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First jobs may be frightening at first. Generally, it’s everyone’s first experience in the corporate world. You have to spend long hours at the office and face new responsibilities. Your decisions may have an impact on your colleagues work – or even on clients! But with internship programs, the transition from being just a student to becoming a professional is smoother. It’s a period of months where you have the opportunity to learn what you study from personal experience but with a percentage of allowed mistakes.

At the very beginning, you may feel you don’t have enough activity. Don’t panic. Understand that, for your mentor, this relationship is new too. He/she needs to test you and evaluate how you react to different tasks. Most of the times, you will start with simple activities, and they will diversify with time.

Less Time is More Productive

Another important factor when you start working – and a challenge for some students – is how to manage time between study and work. In my experience, working made me more productive to study. Though it may sound weird, when you have limited hours you tend to manage your time wisely. You will realize that what used to take you hours can be done in minutes. Welcome to experience.

The key is to have an organized, but not restricted, schedule with your class hours – and space to divide job tasks from university tasks. Try to stay ahead of how busy you are going to be, from a few days in advance, by making a list of priorities.

Going to the Office

If you’re lucky, sometimes you may have the chance to work remotely, but going to the office is an integral part of your first job experience. There you can get closer to your team and have a better understanding of group dynamics. Being aligned with the group’s main goal, working hand in hand with other personalities and, last but not least, making new friends! At Intraway, team spirit is a central value they encouraged from the beginning.

Internships at Intraway

One of the most attractive things of working at Intraway is the company’s culture of entrepreneurship development. In fact, we participate in many of the learning and development programs like language training, virtual library, virtual training through internal and external online platforms, tech talks, and webinars. For example, every quarter you can take a course of your interest that contributes to your professional development. It’s like a full package of learning.

As interns, we enjoy all the benefits like the rest of the employees. One of the most interesting, mostly for students, is the home office policy, which allows you to work one day a week from your home. The culture of flexibility helps to balance classes and work easier and more enjoyable.

Internships allow you to practice theory you learned at university and transform it into real-life experience, helping you be more efficient with time and more creative.

Would you like an experience like this? Join our team today! See our open positions. 

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