My First Months at Intraway

I am on the way to complete my first 4 months in the company and I wanted to share with you how it is to work in an innovative company, which fosters collaboration, teamwork, and training.

Starting by the end, I just came back from the company year-end party where it was celebrated the amazing year that 2019 was for Intraway. I can tell you that I witnessed the most incredible party I saw in my extensive career as a professional. I worked in multinational companies with more than 5.000 employees as NEC, Comverse, and Mahindra and this way to say thank you to the employees for the effort made to achieve their goals is unique. 

In Project Management, teamwork challenges must be faced with leadership and resolution. Learn some useful advice on how to deal with teams in projects.

Going back now to the beginning, 4 months ago when I came for my first interview, I was shocked by the beauty of the office. Game room, a cafeteria for the employees including a massage chair! For a moment I felt myself at a Google office!

The interview was very kind and respectful and the explanation about the requirements for the position was very clear. I left the first interview with the impression that it was a company that cares for its employees. And I was not mistaken.

After being lucky to be admitted as an employee, my first days of work were equally impressive. Even the smallest details were taken into account in order to make me feel comfortable and part of the team. Even when my coworkers feel that they are not well organized, I can tell that, compared with other companies, the way of working is very well organized: Daily huddles, weekly meetings with the PMs and with the Customers Leads to review the procedures,  biweekly lunch outside the office with all the team, biweekly PLQQ (ask what you want) with the main directors of the company, one HR assigned to join the group’s meetings to monitor the mood of the people in a straight way and solve any issue that may arise preventively, and so on. 

On the other hand, the help of the team was key to assume the responsibilities of the position in only one week, tasks that can take months in other companies. It was distributed clearly among the members of the group what part each one should teach me: the different products by each product manager, the organization, main contacts and the scope of my work by my boss, and the way to use the different tools by my coworkers. Everybody with very good predisposition to help.

Also, there is a learning platform on the web called Moodle where you can access and get more knowledge about the Intrawa’s products taking the different training courses that are available there. 

The motto of the company is Amazing Delivery. I can add an Amazing workplace, Amazing People, an Amazing Company.

In Project Management, teamwork challenges must be faced with leadership and resolution. Learn some useful advice on how to deal with teams in projects.

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