Subsidized Lunch: Another Benefit of Intraway

Benefits offered to employees are, although not decisive, pretty important when choosing a job. A couple of years ago, an employee could be satisfied just by having their paycheck during the first week of the month. Today that´s not enough for new generations who consider the benefits to employees as an “acquired right” that they weigh before making a choice. These “demands” from the employees were taken into account by a large number of companies from multinational to SME. They began to offer a wide variety of benefits as a way to keep employees motivated. Such is the case of language classes, home office, stretching, flexitime, discounts at gyms, Subsidized Lunch, fruit baskets, etc.

Intraway was no exception to this trend and offers a wide variety of benefits. If I have to choose one, I consider that the best benefit it offers is subsidized lunch service.

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Throughout my working years, the lunch issue was not a simple matter. Many people choose to bring lunch prepared at home the night before (the most organized even prepare during the weekend the food of the week). But in my case, being a single man in his 30s who lives alone, cooking is not my strong point. I usually make simple food, not very varied, with what I have at hand. And in many cases, not very healthy, without taking into account the different food groups for a balanced diet. Or I just simply order pizza, empanadas, and milanesas. However, since I started working at Intraway, this changed dramatically as the buffet offers options for all tastes, with a variety of vegetables and healthy food (although I will not deny that the milanesa cannot be replaced, at least once a week). This had a considerable impact on my health since it allows me to balance meals, incorporate more vegetables, and to not leave aside healthy options that I would never have due to limitations in the kitchen.

Another important issue is the economic advantage. As it is subsidized by the company, the value I pay for lunch is 50% lower than what I would pay anywhere to buy food. It is even less than what I would pay for cooking myself in some cases. Considering the current situation in Argentina, in which inflation has affected the population for quite some time, it is a significant monthly saving. I am also a person organized with money, which allows me to know exactly how much I spend per month on food beforehand.

Finally, another advantage is time. The usual thing in a company is to have one hour for lunch. Having to go out and buy, it takes at least 30 minutes, which implies to eat in a hurry. With the service offered by Intraway, all employees go to the cafeteria and they only have to wait according to the number of people queuing. It takes no more than 5 minutes in exceptional cases, generally just a minute. So that one can eat quietly and even at the end there is still time for a bit of relaxation before continuing with the tasks of the day.

There is no doubt that the benefits are here to stay, and I think it is positive that companies, such as Intraway, adopt them and even expand them since it is a way to improve the work environment and keep the employees motivated.

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