Tech Girl Power – What I Love About Working in Tech

When I was 16 years old, I was searching for what to study at the university. I still had another year left at school, but I wanted to decide and find my way. I was looking through the student guide, a book used for that purpose in those days, and it just hit me: Information Systems Engineering. I already loved the “engineering” part, but when I saw the curriculum, I actually read “FUTURE.” I literally closed the book and went back to plan my weekend social activities. That was it.

Working abroad is something many dream about but few actually achieve. Read our blog post about one of our employee’s experience. 

Now I know I made the right decision. I enjoy my line of work and my everyday work life. And although I’m still figuring out my big dream, my current circumstances are pretty good. 

Being a woman working in a software company gives you all kind of opportunities for professional and personal growth. One of the best things for me is the ability to support the company and your co-workers. As women, we have a particular sensibility towards others. By using it the right way, we can have an important role in the company’s success. 

The tech scenery is continuously in need of innovation and lateral thinking. Women are so good at this! For centuries, scientific and technical circles have been an only male domain, but we are here to change that. And we are doing a great job. 

Challenges arise all the time and women are always willing to take on them. We are used to proving who we are and what we can do to others and ourselves. But don’t think that it’s an easy ride: women have to fight against stereotypes, prejudices and narrow minds. But in the end, we succeed, and sometimes, that’s what makes it interesting.

On the other hand, let’s not forget the important part: fun! Days in software companies are… let’s say peculiar. Nerdy spirit, philosophical discussions (like in which order Star Wars movies must be watched or what Harry Potter spell suits the situation best). Incredibly bold deadlines create a passionate environment where woman’s personalities can shine.

To allow this brightness to keep on going, in these times of an ever-changing world for equality, there are particular and important issues that need to be addressed regarding women at work. Independently from the field or kind of job: inequality in salaries, the difference in opportunities and harassment are regular topics.

In my personal opinion, these behaviors in individuals and organizations are present in all industries with different levels of frequency. In Argentina, and in the IT business, these subjects are not so damaging to women as a working force. Regardless, when situations do arise, as women we need to stand up for ourselves and for others, using our intelligence and skills. A fair world can only be built with everybody’s help.

Technology is the future and we, women, are a major part of that future. We are building it now. 

Working abroad is something many dream about but few actually achieve. Read our blog post about one of our employee’s experience. 

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