Adoption Strategies – Why They Matter For Your Operational Success

What Are Adoption Strategies? 

An adoption strategy consists of several different parts to implement a system within an organization. If you’re looking at the three main strategies, they consist of: big bang, parallel adoption, and phased adoption. When adoption strategies are implemented correctly, they make a huge difference in your operation success. A good strategy can help you redefine the measure of your business. More importantly, for your business to successfully transition to the “information age” through technology, it’s very important to have an adoption strategy for technology. Intraway discusses why adoption strategies matter for your operational success. 

What are Autonomous Networks? In this article, we discuss in detail about highly adaptive autonomous networks and their most popular usages.

Adoption Strategies That Matter To Your Business 

Technology Transformation Adoption Strategy

In an effort to transition from an old system to a new one, being able to support Telcos in the transformation of your operating systems to become newer, better, faster, or to rapidly launch new services is mandatory in today’s business industry. To successfully get everyone on board with new processes and tools, a well-thought-out adoption strategy is needed. If you’re successful, a comprehensive, operational system is underway for your business. 

User Adoption Strategy Implementing Field Tools  

If you implemented a call center solution or office technology, you probably think that’s it, and you can start to achieve your anticipated ROI, right? Nope! Many businesses make the mistake of sitting back and thinking state-of-the-art or best in class equipment can do the job. Unfortunately, if your employees don’t use it correctly or effectively or worse they aren’t using it at all, you will not achieve the desired business results on your investment. 

Intraway has field service tools that guarantee when the technician leaves the customer premises, the service has been validated, and the customer is getting the service that he or see paid with the quality parameters that Telco was made for its network. Intraway’s Assurance Suites guides the technicians through a consistent installation or maintenance process for broadband services (GPON, DSL) and, as an adoption strategy for your operational success, automatically tests the quality of your implementation for your operation success. We understand that just like buying a diet book doesn’t help you lose weight, new technology doesn’t automatically make your business profitable, improve your customer service, or productivity. One of the things that can impact successful implementation is the lack of a user adoption strategy. 

Why Is An Adoption Strategy Needed To Fight Resistance To Change?

A lack of an adoption strategy is one of the main factors that creates resistance to change. Lack of user adoption can impact the success of your implementation strategy. To overcome resistance to change and engage your users, your business must: 

  • Implement A Business Alignment Adoption Strategy (Make sure your executives and senior management agree on the strategic objectives of the implementation. They must be clearly defined and articulated). 
  • Implement A Performance and Measurement Adoption Strategy (Clearly defined metrics are the key to the success of technology implementation. Know your KPI’s ahead of time and determine how they’ll be measured and reported on for your operational success. 
  • Implement A Reinforcement Adoption Strategy (A reinforcement adoption strategy after launching new technology can help your business reach obtainable results and integrate long-term changes into your organization). 

Bottom line: Your business operations will only be as good as your adoption strategies. It’s important for your team to be motivated and eager to work with new tools for your business operational success. 

Let us know how your business has navigated adoption strategies. You’re invited to contact us at Intraway for more details. Learn more about how Intraway’s solutions streamline provisioning and installations, check out this short demo video

What are Autonomous Networks? In this article, we discuss in detail about highly adaptive autonomous networks and their most popular usages.

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