Good Things Must Come to an End… to Become Great Things!

Sometimes you wonder “Why should we change things if they are actually working quite well?”. In my view, this means it’s about time we started thinking about different changes or strategies to transform those things into great things.

I will tell you an experience of mine which simplifies this concept. I have been working at Intraway for almost 8 years, but I have not been always in the same position. At the beginning, I worked as a Technical Support Manager for almost 4 years, but the thing is that during the third year when things went really well I realized that that situation would not last forever. I thought that things had to be improved. They had to evolve, and, in these cases, there is nothing better than a fresh mind full of challenges. Besides, I had to give others the opportunity to grow, they way I’d done.

I was absolutely sure that things would improve in many different ways. On the one hand, a person inside the organization would have the great opportunity to grow, and on the other hand, I would find another challenge to develop my managerial skills in other areas.

I began to look for my replacement inside my team.  I have to admit that this was the most challenging task I have ever had. Why? Because, to begin with, I was looking for someone as if I were in front of a mirror, basically I was looking for someone identical to myself. I think that was my first mistake. As time goes by, I have realized that changes are good, people thinking differently and solving or seeing things with different eyes bring new advantages and probably much better results.

When I finally found the right person, and I was totally convinced of my choice, I started to coach him for my position. It took me almost a year of hard work but it was well worth the effort.

The thing is that in a matter of three or four months I started to see positive changes and excellent improvements to the process and the dynamics of the group. The area was showing improvements and higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

During the last part of the handover process I was appointed Professional Services Manager (as if everything had already been written), a very different position from the previous one, and still very difficult. History repeats itself: though things were not wrong, from different perspectives, processes and ways of working were improved. During the first year the group increased its efficiency and productivity, and most of all, the group became a team.

Sometimes when you get involved in a problem, you lose sight of the boundaries the problem, of what is really happening. Then you cannot see the problem dimensions and because of that you will never solve them all, just a few. It is then, when help from outside, or just a person that is not in your same position could be quite helpful. I think that is how we work at Intraway. We are always looking for the best alternatives. We are never in fear of asking for help, and listening to all the people involved in the organization. We are always looking for the continuous improvement of processes and ways to work to become lean and efficient, working together as a team.

Lucas G. Obredor
Professional Services Manager at Intraway

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