Are you up for the Challenge?

The Bedazzlement

How long does the bedazzlement of being chosen to work for a global worldwide company last?

When you start a new job, in a typical technology company, you spend quite a long time understanding the processes related to your role and assimilating the culture of the company… and when that happens, you might feel isolated and discouraged, because you realize that you are only a number in a big, cold, and depersonalized organization.

Suddenly, you are aware that you are immersed in a whirlwind and your daily work is ruled by rigid processes, procedures, and policies, most of them created for theoretical environments, without the possibility of being adapted to the real world (Impossible!!). The upper management is inaccessible; and a change in the way the company operates becomes a fairytale.

Another way to live within a worldwide company

A couple of years ago, I moved from the global depersonalized world to a much warmer environment, looking for fresh air and to get away from boredom and routine. At first, it wasn’t easy, but in a very short time, I understood that I could be an important part in the development of Intraway.

Since the very beginning, I felt immersed within a team committed to creating a collaborative and friendly environment where everybody can grow… an environment where change and innovation are embraced, an organization that never loses the sense of urgency, loves to live the entrepreneurial spirit and where people proudly celebrate their accomplishments.

In a short time, I felt strongly identified with one of their core values, interested in our customer’s success and working hard to help them achieve their goals; considering creating warm, long-term relationships, earn customer admiration, win customer’s hearts and become their main trusted advisor. And without realizing, I became a gear in the machine to build amazing solutions for the communication industry.

I became part of a team and a company that was allowing me to obtain a real and balanced development and growth.

Our fuel, the difference, the challenge

At Intraway, we as a company continue growing and even though there are ups & downs in our competitive market, we are still aboard of this exciting ride.

The clue, our fuel, the engine of our growth is our people, and as we want to boost our exponential grow to reach our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)1 of becoming Industry Leaders, we are continuously looking for new people who can be this needed fuel.

We are looking for awesome people, who believe everything and anything can be accomplished, people who are passionate about details and focused on “WOWING” excellence and commitment.

People are the KEY, they are the ones who make the difference, they are the ones who will allow us to grow and excel in all our set goals.

If previous paragraphs haven´t rock you, hit the road, Jack.….; otherwise think about it, believe that there is another way to become Global … and follow the crumbs to be part of the Intraway family.

Are you up to the challenge?


  1. James, Collins and Jerry Porras. Built to Last, 1994. United States: William Collins

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