The managers role in quality customer service

We are living in a globalized world where there is clear evidence that producing a “good product” or offer a “good service” is not enough for the survival of any business. Today it´s necessary to create deeper relationships with customers, anticipating their needs, expectations, and desires and, of course, measuring and controlling the levels of satisfaction achieved from testing the products/services.

In this blog post, I will focus on the importance of a manager’s role as an essential link in the long chain of actions that must be implemented to provide quality products/services.

People skills

At this point, I am convinced that working on people to make a difference should be the mark of those companies wishing to increase customer loyalty and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

What better way than having leaders who create favorable working environments and understand the heterogeneous nature of each team member, guiding and encouraging them to understand the needs and expectations of each customer.

Fairness, active listening, recognition, training, exchanging of experiences and continuous learning are essential characteristics any manager should have when asking the team for involvement and commitment when providing quality products and services.

Follow my lead

We must not forget that leaders will always be held accountable for their direct and indirect reports as well as their actions that will serve as an example for their entire team. If we want team goals oriented towards quality, those who supervise them should provide support and lead by example. Meanwhile, the company must provide its managers with the proper assistance to legitimize the processes of continuous quality improvement.

How managers project quality service culture to the rest of Intraway

At Intraway, this can be seen from the outset of the OPSP: One Page Strategic Plan, which states the purpose of a marketing plan that evaluates satisfaction surveys, providing the necessary information to know where we stand with the customer. The OPSP also supports our vision of “building solutions that transform telecommunications operations and improving communication experience around the world,” established through the following requirements:

  • Have better products than competitors and become trendsetters in the market
  • Be a reliable benchmark for the worldwide industry
  • Provide reliable products and first-class services with agility and flexibility in the development of products to promote better adaptation
  • Automate processes and leverage corporate information in real time
  • Have the strongest leaders
  • Stay aligned to the business strategy, working closely with the customer and with local presence
  • Diversify income

In addition, the company certifies ISO9001, an international standard that focuses on all elements of quality management in which a company must rely on to get an efficient system to organize and improve quality. Simultaneously, we ensure all our clients are completely satisfied with the products and services we provide them.

In this manner, the regulatory context provided by the organization inward serves as an ideal framework for managers to promote leadership to their teams, enabling a synergic work environment to obtain the expected quality results.

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