Best Books for Telecommunications Software Developers

In the rapidly evolving field of telecommunications, software developers keep up with innovations by networking and by reading the latest literature on the subject. Following are the best, recently published books we have found for software developers who are servicing the telecommunications industry.

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Release It! Second Edition

Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software

This popular, pragmatic guide by Michael T. Nygard was updated in 2018. The first edition covers creating systems that run longer with fewer failures and building in recovery features for failures. The second, updated edition includes microservices, cloud architecture, DevOps, It covers systemic problems in large systems. Each of the four parts is introduced with a case study. While heavy on practical details, the author has a playful style. He writes “Your software…needs to stand up to the typhoon winds of flash mobs or the crushing attack to the pressure of a DDoS poorly secured IoI toaster oven. He believes that “data is the new oil.”

Nygard has been a professional programmer and architect for two decades. During that time, he has delivered systems to the U. S. Government, the military, banking, finance, agriculture, and retail industries. The book is available on Amazon.

New Directions in Wireless Communications Systems: From Mobile to 5G

Editors Athanasios G. Kanatas, Konstantina S. Nikita, and Panagiotis (Takis) Mathiopoulos tackle the challenges and opportunities that are right in front of us. Beyond the year 2020, wireless communication systems will need to have the capacity to support more than 1,000 times the traffic of today’s systems. 5G designers and researchers need to meet this challenge by developing techniques that will carry the load. Systems will require more flexibility and spectrum, densified cells, and greater spectral efficiency. The book details a diverse range of issues facing next-gen wireless systems. It also discusses promising solutions. The book is available from CRC Press.

Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World

This book by Joseph Menn uncovers the shocking story of The Cult of the Dead Cow, an elite group of hackers who fight to protect our privacy. They have forced huge corporations and even the government to work harder to protect customers and citizens. Formerly anonymous, one of the players is a U.S. Congressman who founded a tech business. They are battling misinformation about elections, making personal information safer, and working to keep information technology a force for good instead of invasion and oppression. The book shows how criminals, corporations, and governments gained unholy power over people and how software developers can fight against them. Menn is an investigative reporter for Reuters and the longest-serving and most respected mainstream journalist on cybersecurity. The book is available in bookstores and through Amazon.

Click Here To Kill Everybody

Author Bruce Schneier, who also wrote Data and Goliath, explores the threat posed by “internet of things.” He believes that there are vulnerabilities in every piece of software. But internet insecurity is just part of the problem. According to the author, a major factor behind vulnerable systems are its “most powerful architects, governments and corporations, that have manipulated the network to make it serve their interests.” Schneider concludes that the huge hole in his book is not explaining how his recommendations for increasing security could become policy. This hole is an introduction to the dimensions of the challenge. Schneier is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. You can purchase the book through Amazon. For more information about the book, read the review by Publishers Weekly.

Soft Skills, the Software Developers Life Manual, by John Sonmez, published in 2015, was named one of The Best Business and Leadership Books of 2018 by Amazon Book Review Editor, Chris Schluep. If you’ve not read it, you can order it through Amazon. It is a fun-to-read guide to a well-rounded, satisfying life as a tech professional. The author is a developer, teacher, and life coach who helps tech professionals further their careers and have a more fulfilling life.

lf you are looking for a challenging environment to further your career, check out our open positions here!

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