Creativity and Innovation at Our Core

Intraway’s entire culture is based on creativity and innovation from the day the company was founded. As such, we encourage and incentivize the flow of new ideas throughout the company. As proof that all innovation is welcome, Intraway has developed and then spun off two products into two separate companies to serve a specific customer base that has benefited greatly from that innovation.

During the COVID pandemic, Intraway has demonstrated the ability to innovate and restructure ourselves in how we’ve successfully supported our clients to tackle their urgent needs based on government requests for regulatory compliance. 

How Intraway Embraces Creativity and Innovation

Starting with our core values, innovation is rewarded and encouraged in our interactions with our customers. It all starts with empowering our employees to always think about new ways to delight our customers by always leading with our core values:

  • Think Incredible

We are optimistic by nature and believe everything and anything can be accomplished.

  • Get More with Less

We always strive to find a better way to get more value with less time and resources! We embrace change and innovation, and we always challenge the status quo to enhance every request, process, and solution.

  • WOW with Excellence 

Details matter! We are consistently reliable, have an obsessive passion for details, and strive to WOW our customers and teammates through excellence and commitment. 

  • Build the best team

We are all committed to creating a collaborative environment where everybody can flourish and grow. We highly value integrity, openness, passion for learning and determination. We are accountable to our teammates and expect a lot from each other.

  • Enjoy the ride

We are the kind of people that roll up our sleeves and get passionately involved. We work hard, never lose the sense of urgency, love our entrepreneurial spirit, and actively celebrate our accomplishments.

To follow our core values and drive innovation, we encourage all employees to drive the full innovation process from idea generation to development to implementation. From whiteboarding sessions in our offices to workshops with our customers, we aim to collect and develop ideas that meet current and future challenges. We develop those ideas and move them to projects and proof of concepts to proceed to final implementation. Intraway also holds departmental and company-wide hackathons to encourage new approaches to the surface. 

At all times, we remind our employees that failure is indeed an option and encourage employees to see their ideas through. Sometimes, the ideas do not turn into a core product, but sometimes such ideas have led to the launch of new companies with their product as the core go-to-market solution.

At Intraway, we understand that flexibility is necessary for supporting an evolving market and integration within our customers’ processes and ecosystems. Our enterprise uses agile principles to provide continuous improvement and alignment among the customer, our product, and the delivery teams.


Defining and Describing Intraway’s Innovations

Our company uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) to measure our clients’ expectations and satisfaction. Our innovations are measured by how our clients adopt our cutting-edge products. We also receive important feedback from industry leaders such as CableLabs, MEF, and TM Forum and our clients. These measurements serve to confirm that our vision matches up with industry needs. 

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to become a top ten software vendor for the communications industry worldwide. For this, we rely on continuous innovation to move the industry forward. Intraway was founded on an innovation that was market-changing at its time, and we have continued that mindset always to innovate and launch new strategic solutions to solve the most complex issues our customers face.


What is it like to work at Intraway? We strive to create a boundless open space that fosters innovation and encourages teamwork. Check out our open positions and join our team! 

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