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You may think that when you enter a company, you are alone and feel lost. Your first days are lonely and frightening. You don’t have any friends or the groups are closed. Sometimes you don’t know what your daily tasks are. When you begin a new job, you spend some days without knowing exactly what to do. In addition, the communication with staff of other areas is not the best. However, this situation doesn’t happen at Intraway. From the first day you feel accompanied, all partners give support and help. You can share your lunch with friends or other partners, and play with the xbox, playstation, or metegol (foosball game) at lunchtime.


The First Day with your Buddy

On your first day at Intraway, the Human Resources department assigns you a ‘buddy’. This person is a partner that helps you during the first days. He or she is the referent on any event or situation that may appear, or doubt that you may have. In my case, my buddy is my project leader (PL); in other cases the buddy may be a member of another team or area. My PL introduced me to the rest of the team, and gave me a little tour of the company.


Training Course

The next step in your first days in this company is when you enter the escuelita (training school). This is an area of the company that introduces new employees to two different aspects:

  • company principles, documentation, rules, processes, etc.
  • technical tips, coding standards, environment setup (only for developers).

During those two weeks, I met more co-workers, both old in the company and new like me. After I finished the training, I returned to my area to join my group. In this case all of my colleagues welcomed me and helped me to settle in my place.


Groups of Friends

Lunchtime is a social event at Intraway. Employees share a common dining room, which is ideal to meet more people. I met more kind folks and made a group to have lunch with. Since then, we have been having lunch together at the same time and we also play metegol, which is a good game to meet new friends and socialize.


After-Office Events

After being in the company for a few weeks, I was invited to an after-office meeting. This event took place in an employee’s house. The group was small compared with the size of the company (15 guys vs 250). In this case we ate barbecued pizzas and the guys were very cool and friendly.


Something about the Business

The company is divided into business units, such as Broadband, TV, Cable, etc. Every unit has been divided into teams too, which are mixed and variable.

In our daily work we interact with different teams and areas, and everybody is really friendly and helpful. Besides, if you get stuck in your task or work, every partner will be willing to offer some help.

As for training, we have in-company little courses about different topics: technical tutorials, presentations of company products, etc. The speakers of all these training talks are company employees. You can submit a talk proposal about any topic you choose. It’s open for all employees, and the company promotes it.


English Classes with Partners

Another good point to enlarge your social circle is to participate in the English classes, which are in-company, with employees from different business units and areas. You can share an English class with people from HR, developers, testers, analysts, etc. The classes are good ways to meet new people and make new friends.


Birthdays and Barbecue

Last but not least, another interesting benefit that the company offers is celebrating employees’ birthdays every month. For this event, we have barbecued hamburgers and choripanes (sausage sandwiches) with salad. Besides, to complete the celebration, we have cake! That happens the last Friday of the month.

As you see, your daily work at Intraway could be fun. It’s not only a place to work, here you can enjoy the ride and make friends. If you would like to join us, please click the following link to learn more about us: www.intraway.com


About me:

I’m a solution developer, with 8 years of experience in web development.

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