Five Tips for an Outstanding Employee Experience

You put your business at a higher risk of turnover when your employees fail to feel valued within your organization. It also means increased requirement costs because you have to interview and train their replacements.

Therefore, you need to go above and beyond to ensure an outstanding employee experience in your business. It is no longer enough to offer the basic benefits — including health insurance and PTO. Unlike in the past when an employee had to be the right fit for your business, today’s employee is looking to resolve whether your company is good enough for them.

Luckily, here are the top tips to help you ensure every employee in your organization feels valued, appreciated, and heard.

It Starts with the Onboarding Process

Did you know that employee experience begins immediately after a recruit starts their first day? However, most companies do not make an excellent first impression for new hires.

O.C Tanner reports that almost 20% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of work. Therefore, safeguarding top talent in your organization will depend on your onboarding process. When done right, you cultivate company culture in the new employees and ensure they feel like they are an integral part of the team.

Offer Growth and Learning Opportunities

The number one reason why most people opt for different jobs is the lack of career development opportunities, according to LinkedIn research. More than 59% of new hires join a company because they feel like it offers a strong opportunity for career growth.

Providing growth and learning opportunities will help you attract and retain top talent within your industry. However, you need to ensure you clearly outline what opportunities new hires should expect. It will also help to encourage all employees to upgrade their skills and learn new things.

Reward Employees

Your employees put in a lot of hard work and determination to guarantee organizational success. Failing to acknowledge their dedication creates a negative employee experience within your company. You also risk losing top talent when you don’t recognize their effort and reward them accordingly.

According to Qualtrics research, employees are five times more likely to stay in your company when the managers consistently acknowledge their work. 77% of employees prefer positive feedback at least four times per year. Therefore, you need to set up a recognition and reward program within your company.

Integrate Stay Interviews

Most companies make the mistake of only conducting exit interviews. They forget that these interviews will not keep the employee in the company. Instead, these companies need to focus on stay interviews to help retain top talent.

Conducting stay interviews helps you build employee trust while gathering information on what to do to improve their experience. You will find it easier to identify motivational factors that will keep your employees interested in working for you.

Improve Internal Communication

It is vital to ensure your employees feel like part of a larger family. The best way to do this is through your internal communication team. Use the team to create and maintain a positive connection with your employees. Doing this will give your workers an increased sense of purpose, thus becoming more productive.

Clear lines of communication also help turn your employees into brand ambassadors. Therefore, you get to build your brand while winning the trust of your workers. It will help if you start with providing proper tools of communication to everyone in your organization.

At Intraway, we offer highly configurable, innovative, and ready-to-deploy solutions to enhance seamless communication within your business. 

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