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Spoilers alert!!!

Here we are, with the GoT 8th season finale in our retinas and some good hours spent watching this show. The least we can do is to learn something from it or analyze things we often oversee. Let’s revise a few ideas on corporate life and strategy with the soundtrack still sounding in our heads.

The Star Wars saga is packed with valuable lessons to learn and use in our daily lives, especially while doing business. Read on and find out our top 5.

Survivors Need to try a Different way

The red wedding… I’m still cleaning the blood from my clothes. Everybody there dies, well everybody we like at least. Arya survived. She saw what happened. With immense pain and fear in her heart, she runs away, and sometime later, she is trying a different way to get what she wants and needs. She gets ready. She learns. And she even becomes a different person, one who doesn’t have a name, an extremely well-trained killing machine. Some time later, she saves us all.

So, when a big problem strikes at your company, try to find a different way of solving issues. Try not to fall into the same patterns: the same actions, same results. Use your creativity, see the world 360º wide, be alert and every night list your ghosts names over and over again: you have to beat what doesn’t make you better.

A New Order of Things Means New Opportunities

Ned Stark lays on the gallows, and his head is no longer attached to his body. A new era begins. A new world, new rules, new people. Kids are adults now. Young kings and queens claim their places in history. But just the ones who had been preparing for that moment are going to prevail. Some will get to power only to fall as soon as they get there. Others will find a way out with different levels of show display (depending on the director of that episode, I think). In real life as in the show, you need to be prepared to take opportunities and turn them into your reign, long and prosperous… Just be careful with your mum’s bombing intentions, though!

Magic… Does it Exist?

How many times have we dreamt about magical solutions? Friend dragons flying in the sky, witches sacrificing themselves to make the barricades burn, the big hero being raised from death! Wonderful solutions to our problems. We want to believe in them, but, let’s be honest, how many of them have you seen? What some people call “luck,” most of the times is years and years of preparation, effort, and a good decision-making process. A company could rely on magical solutions, but I’d advise recruiting the right people instead… just in case Jon Snow decides to ruin everything by just falling in love…mm…wait… that actually happened.

Alliances and Relationships

Seventy-three episodes passed in front of us, every minute telling how somebody convinces somebody or somebody betrays somebody or somebody pacts with somebody. The series shows precisely how human interactions shape the world around those people. Alliances get to define who lives and who doesn’t. Depending on who your father is, will you be able to have the girl of your dreams or not? In corporate life, your lineage, most of the times, will not be an issue, but who your most close contacts are could be. In environments where people are the key, relationships are a great part of the deal. Be aware of this. It could take you far: west of Westeros or north from the wall.

The Star Wars saga is packed with valuable lessons to learn and use in our daily lives, especially while doing business. Read on and find out our top 5.

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