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Arya, best of heroes. At least that’s what I think, and all the parents who named babies after her. She is prepared. She is in the right place at the right time. She doesn’t lose her nerves in the key moment. She acts quickly and accurately. The results: problems solved. They’ve been saved from a great danger. These are some of the unique features of a hero in a work team. These figures save the whole group in epic ways. But, here’s the thing, how much do we rely on heroes? Do they appear sporadically, or do they need to take action every day in an Arya kind of way? Heroes are special people. You need to identify them, but you can’t make them your daily weapon.

What else can we learn from one of the best shows of history? Know all the strategies we can add to our corporate life on our blog post GoT – The Blog Post Saga – Lessons on Strategy.

Contribution From the Least Expected People

Who knew, at the beginning of the series, Tyrion would become a strategic character in the Seven Kingdoms?! We all had seen Lady Lyanna Mormont’s courage, but we couldn’t imagine that little girl defeating an enormous giant. Some people remain in the shadows; who are not in the center of attention, but they can shine. They need the opportunity, the encouragement, the discovery. Make sure you are letting these people in your team have their moments of glory. The whole team will benefit from it.

No Character is Indispensable

The world will continue spinning with you or without you. The trick is to make yourself valuable. And here it’s crucial to understand what is the actual value for the kingdom – I mean, the company, even when we all agree that so much drama and suffering could have been avoided keeping Ned Stark’s head on his shoulders.


Tragedy after death, after treason, after more death. All the time, people had a reason to quit, to give up. But most of them didn’t. Mostly because the human instinct is to be alive, of course, but they find original ways of doing it. Daenerys is sold to Khal Drogo not knowing his language and living some harsh situations with her new husband. He dies, and she transforms all this pain and hates into action and pursuit of her dreams. How many times people in organizations have to take forces from the bottom of their hearts to confront bad times? They take motivation out of the stones and carry on. The survival instinct remains untouched, don’t waste it when there’s no sense!

Losing People to the Competitor

In all teams has happened: people leaving the scene to cross the street and start a new life with the competition. We see this when Viserion is taken to the other band by the Night King. It didn’t make too much effort, that’s how well this King knows his business. Theon changes sides more often than he can afford, but well… some bad times later he is still alive till the end of the story. What can we learn from here? We are parts of some games, and you have to play with the cards you get. People can leave you, or you can leave them. Still, you have to position yourself and make the best you can, here, there and even against your mum and dragon brothers.


What a better environment to join a team than rough times? Nothing! Humans were happily fighting and killing each other and then, boom! Dead walkers at 3 o’clock. “What shall we do?”, said our not so bright friends. “Let’s unite forces and beat the enemy,” said the noble, naive leader. And so they did. But not all of them. Someone was more clever. She just waited in her castle while the incredible human team defeats the dead walkers. I think we all agree that was not a very political move, but the thing is,  it preserved her and her army, at least for a couple of other episodes.

What else can we learn from one of the best shows of history? Know all the strategies we can add to our corporate life on our blog post GoT – The Blog Post Saga – Lessons on Strategy.

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