Here Is How to Control Passive Element Inventory with GIS

A mapping software platform for fiber optic operators is an inevitable venture. It would be best to leverage competition in the fiber optic development space by using Geographic Information System (GIS). It helps to visualize your fiber network and all its critical components.

GIS itself is an evolving platform and now offers all types of sophisticated virtual mapping capabilities. Using an appropriate GIS platform allows network managers to create high-quality digital representations for their business networks, troubleshoot issues, run data queries, and plan for successful growth.

The option to control and manage these processes is to ensure excellent customer service and efficiency. However, the challenges lie in the choice of the right GIS platform to apply to in your business. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some solutions have customization to serve companies in unique niche markets. There are others for general use, especially those who wish to run simple geospatial analysis. Let’s get into the details!

What is a geographic information system (GIS)?

GIS is a software platform used to study data in relation to Earth’s geography. It enables analysts to create visuals and use them for base maps and data layers. These maps are essential in explaining the various geographic phenomena.

GIS platforms are popular for most organizations after their introduction in business in the 1960s. In recent years, it has helped with effective data management technology with the advancement in cloud computing. The platform is effortless to use and has fewer costs for advanced analytics.

How GIS supports fiber optic network management

Fiber maps help to support day-to-day operations in the business for excellent customer experience and forecast future operations. With a GIS platform, this can be a reality as the users can create a visual representation of all the elements in their organization. The maps are the best single source of truth that a business can trust, and stakeholders use without a doubt.

The GIS fiber designs help to:

  • Understanding how the network components work together
  • Offer insight on the spatial distribution of growth opportunities
  • Identify any network vulnerabilities for fast solutions

The fiber GIS software gives power to your network managers to deliver exceptional experiences for customers and other employees in the long term. The need for GIS is growing exponentially with the advent of 5G networks rolling out worldwide.

Understanding Your Network

Fiber network management requires operators to understand and locate the arrangement of all related elements. The fiber maps offer a great way to know how the network operates with visual representations from GIS software. Operators have all the digital records to enable easy maintenance and reference.

Evaluating spatial distribution and plan for future growth

It would be best if the fiber network operators had insights into the distributions or their components across the given market. With GIS software, they can view the coverage and plan expansion efforts with ease. It helps to make the right decisions, and the sales team can use the fiber maps to see how to focus more effort. Network data queries will enable a business to get more leads and customers. With this, allocation of limited resources is also easy to maximize business productivity.

Maintain the integrity of the network

Troubleshooting a fiber network is part of the essential operations a network operator must carry out. With GIS platforms, the user can identify programs and address them fast. Operators also use the GIS fiber mapping to discover any network vulnerabilities that could create issues in the future. They will use this information to address weaknesses before proliferating and avoiding problems.

Customer experience helps to boost every organization’s productivity and growth.

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