How to develop great relationships with your coworkers

Building and maintaining great relationships with others in your professional circle will help make your work more enjoyable. Once you develop a great relationships with your coworkers, you will keep your career and projects on track. Relationships in the workplace should be characterized by trust and mutual respect. It is also vital to be open-minded, embrace diversity, and understand that each of your colleagues has their strengths and weaknesses. Here is what to know:

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Practice basic common courtesy

Being polite and respectful to your colleagues will go a long way in developing strong bonds. Simple acts like greeting your coworkers, bidding them goodbye, and maintaining eye contact will create a positive work environment. You should also clean up after yourself, respect people’s privacy, respond to emails, hold the door, and be a good cubicle neighbor. Good manners will also involve saying please, thank you, excuse me, and sorry.  

Respect your peers’ time

In most organizations, work is interconnected. Developing great relationships will require that you appreciate each employee’s role in the organization. When you are required to play a role where your actions or performance will affect other people, you should respect their time and effort. This will involve keeping your commitments and honoring deadlines to avoid wasting other people’s time and making their work difficult. You should also avoid interrupting your colleagues when they are working on their tasks.  

Keep communication transparent

Communication will have a huge impact on the relationship you have with your colleagues. As such, it is important to ensure you communicate effectively through both verbal and nonverbal means. You should also consider taking feedback so you can establish whether your message has been understood in the intended manner. When someone speaks to you, you should listen attentively before inserting your commentary.

Offer assistance

Offering assistance to a colleague is a great way to build a relationship. When you notice a coworker who is struggling to complete a project or is overwhelmed by work, helping them will provide the motivation they need and build a great work environment. You can also inspire your colleagues by congratulating them on their achievements and encouraging them when they feel low.

Appreciate others

Whenever someone helps you, you should remember to show your appreciation. Everyone wants to feel that their work is appreciated, be it your boss or the office cleaner. When you genuinely compliment your colleagues for doing something well, the gesture will set the stage for great work relationships. You should also share credit for accomplishments, ideas, and contributions when working with others on a project.

Give constructive feedback

As much as it is important to take feedback from others, it is also necessary to give your feedback. Your peers will appreciate it when you help them understand how well they are performing. Constructive feedback will enable your colleagues to improve at the right time and help them advance. The feedback will also contribute to the organization’s success and ensure your coworkers regard you in a positive light.

Be cautious with social media

Most people will want to connect with their colleagues on social media. However, it is important to exercise caution when doing this. Make sure that your social media activities do not give the wrong impression of you or harm your reputation. You should also avoid office politics and gossip in the workplace, and choose to talk directly to a colleague when you have a conflict with them.  

At the end of the day, you should remember that great relationships take some work and effort. As such, you may want to schedule some time to develop relationships. Finally, when you work with someone, you simply cannot relate to, try to maintain a professional relationship with them.  

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