How we chat – Different platforms and how we use them.


Chat apps are redefining the present and future of short message communications. The platforms offer a number of advanced features that are not available in SMS texts, including typing indicators, read receipts, group texts, and videos. They also provide a fast, safe, and fun way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. When choosing the best chat to boost your business, you should consider factors like security, usage when away from the desk, smooth communication, and customer support. 

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Below is what to know about some of the platforms we use for chatting:


Slack is a messaging tool designed to make communication fast and easy, a factor that makes it suitable for a chat-powered workplace. The instant messaging system allows you to conveniently share messages, files, and tools in a single place. Slack is available on all devices and supports both person-to-person chat and group chat, allowing you and your team to get more work done.

How we use Slack

We take advantage of the opportunities that Slack presents to bring our team together in channels. Each person in the channel is able to see the same messages and stay in the loop. The chat app also presents a great place to communicate with the entire team to increase efficiency. We use the platform to connect with remote team members in different locations and connect other work tools to the app to create richer and more informed conversations. Lastly, this platform enables us to chat securely and find answers using search.


WhatsApp is a messaging app that lets users send messages, images, audio, and video content. The app is very popular partly because of its features and flexibility. WhatsApp works on various phones and computer operating systems, allowing users to share information on both mobile devices and desktop. The end-to-end encrypted instant messaging means only the sender and recipient can read the messages they share.

How we use WhatsApp

We use WhatsApp for internal team communication because using the instant messaging app does not require any training. WhatsApp Web also allows our staff to type messages easily using their web browser. The video feature makes it easy for our employees who work virtually to hold meetings and share ideas. This chat app provides us with an effective channel of communicating with customers and providing customer support. Customers can make inquiries, place orders and raise concerns in a convenient way. Our marketing team takes advantage of the direct communication and story-like feature to promote our brand and products.


Google Hangouts is a powerful way for people in an organization to communicate. The platform allows users to have a private conversation with a colleague or a small group of people. Users can also create a room where they will be able to have an ongoing conversation with a larger group of people. This chat app offers several useful features, including messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

How we use Hangouts

We have found Hangouts to be a great communication tool that helps teams and businesses collaborate efficiently from any location. Our staff use bots to automate their work and can keep all their messages even after switching the devices they use. The platform’s features make it easy to have instant meetings with external participants, integrate with other video conferencing services, livestream meetings, and broadcast presentations online. These are great features when people are working remotely or need to keep in touch while away from the office.

There are many more chat apps that your employees can use to communicate. However, you must ensure that the option you choose will promote efficient and effective communication. At Intraway, we provide agile communication solutions designed to address the challenges your business faces. Contact us now to learn more.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our open positions and apply today.

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