I work at Intraway because it’s a great company

I work at Intraway because it is one of the best companies in its field and remains at the forefront of new trends oriented to cloud computing, such as AWS and Kubernetes. I like working at Intraway, especially for its treatment of employees, it has nothing to envy larger companies in terms of benefits, among them the main one for me is able to work remotely from home, which allows me to be next to my family and spend much more time with my wife, daughter and pets, which It saves a lot of time that is lost in traffic in every city. Furthermore, it reduces costs in transport and food, it also allows me to adapt to non-fixed schedules because the work is for objectives, so people in different time zones may work in a coordinated way in carrying out a certain project. This also made moving the entire company to remote work due to the covid-19 pandemic a quick and easy transition for its employees, most of whom were allowed to work at least one day a week in this way before the pandemic.

The fact that it is a company distributed in America and now even with staff in Europe allows meeting people from different cultures and having the opportunity to meet different countries working hand in hand with the client when implementing projects, which helps a lot to enable effective communication and that the tasks to be completed promptly; also when traveling for work it is always possible to visit some tourist sites or request to stay for a weekend at the end of the project to do tourism.

Another fundamental benefit is the contribution to training through different courses and internal technical talks. In addition, before finalizing any project, the delivery and support area receives specific training for the project. All this allows acquiring new knowledge and career-supporting skills of employees.

A benefit over the work tools is being able to decide the computer to use by the employee in case of requiring a different one from the one offered by the company, for which Intraway offers the bring your own device BYOD program in which Intraway provides an Annual fee for the use of the computer for 4 years and thus the employee, after those 4 years, can decide to continue using the same computer or purchase another under the same modality.

For all the above and more, working at Intraway is an excellent option.

Great achievements are only accomplished by great teams! Join the Intraway team and keep growing 

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