Intraway launched a new and innovative benefit: XL Days Policy


In today´s competitive world, sometimes employees do not take their holidays. They fear to lose the esteem of their bosses, or the possibility of getting a promotion.

But reality shows that without a good annual rest, people can’t renew their energies. And without free time, they can’t share quality moments with their family or friends. As a consequence of that, their work loses inspiration, productivity, and efficiency.

At Intraway, we believe that we should base the company’s  activities on trust. In principle, we rely on our own personnel selection policy, which allows us to incorporate committed people. Therefore, we understand that we must treat them as adults who fulfill their job goals and want the best for the company and for their own human and labor evolution. That’s why we have decided that our employees around the world can access a special benefit: XL days. And we not only communicate this possibility, but we also encourage them to take advantage of it.

Flexibility with clear guidelines

Each employee that has been working with our company for more than one year can access to this XL days benefit. They can ask for unlimited vacations days which will be counted as normal days of work with pay. The scheme has its guidelines since the XL days have to be approved by the head of each sector -who can accept the order, or reject it, based on objective reasons. In addition, these days must be requested one month in advance and must be planned and coordinated with the work team, so that there is always a backup. In addition, these XL days can’t exceed 7 days in a row.

Innovative benefit

At Intraway, we have decided to propose this benefit because we trust in the good judgment of our employees. And we understand that happy and rested people optimize their performance within the company: they work more efficiently and with more inspiration.

We seek to act flexibly and cultivate a culture of trust. We want our people to feel that we take them into account and that we care about their well-being at work and in life.

Companies that have adopted an unlimited paid time off policy include Netflix, Twitter, Virgin Group, LinkedIn, VMware, Evernote, Groupon, Glassdoor, Riot Games, Grant Thornton, Hubspot, Workday, Zynga, Eventbrite, etc. However, according to data from the Society for Human Resource Management, the enterprises that offer this possibility are still a minority: in the United States, for example, they do not exceed 1%.

A cultural change

At Intraway, we believe that when you trust people, you get better results. Several studies indicate that when you give the employees the freedom to take more time off, they act responsibly and consciously and do not abuse the benefit. On the contrary: more freedom carries more responsibility.

That is why we have prepared this proposal for XL days, which aligns with the cultural change towards a more generous day-off policy.

We trust this policy will free our people from stress. If an employee, for example, has to recover from a serious illness, he can concentrate on recovering well, instead of thinking if the recovery is going to take all his vacation days. We believe this flexibility will allow our staff to better accommodate to different circumstances of their lives.

On the other hand, we are sure this offering will not damage our business’ output. On the contrary: relaxed, energized, and committed employees will make our company flourish even more.

Does this kind of proposal make a great difference to you?

For more information about this benefit, please check this other post from our CPO,  Guillermo Daud.

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