Knowledge and Communication at Intraway

We believe in a culture of knowledge and communication. Employees are encouraged to submit innovative ideas that can alter the way we do business or solve an industry issue. Our leadership not only encourages personal and professional development but supports it by rewarding and celebrating it

Employee development is important to us, and we offer educational programs for our multinational workforce to grow. We invest in training programs for their careers and on the skills they need to be successful. We provide an e-learning platform where we host courses that allow employees to learn more about the company, our products, customers and the industry. As AWS Partners, our employees have access to resources they need to create a culture of innovation, develop adaptable and continuous learning mechanisms, and transform and modernize the industry. We also provide them with the opportunity to take any of TM Forum’s certification programs. TM Forum’s portfolio of online and expert-led virtual training classes covers the essential standards and best practices for transforming business operations and IT, including Open APIs, enterprise architecture, business processes and data/information model.

Our leadership team also encourages participation in industry events and conferences to stay up to date with the industry. We provide our employees with the opportunity to position themselves as subject matter experts and other employees to gain that knowledge with ongoing training sessions such as internal and external tech talks. 

Partnerships and Collaboration

Partnerships and alliances are key to our growth and the benefit of the entire industry. At Intraway, we look to partner with companies that offer complementary products to bring a complete offering to support our customers. As such, we have a partnerships and alliances team dedicated to supporting this initiative. 

Intraway has also joined the AWS partnership program to leverage its large partnership ecosystem to develop future-proof solutions for operators. Symphonica is a standard-based, open API tool that enables interoperability and digitalization of communication services. Because of our open APIs, we have been able to quickly form partnerships to launch new bundled products with other vendors that provide customers with a complete solution.

We continually collaborate with CableLabs in projects such as service orchestration for virtualized networks (SNAPS project), DCCF, PNM, and SDN/NFV with Open Daylight. 

We’ve been a TM Forum member since 2010, and Intraway’s Symphonica Service Orchestration received a TM Forum Perfect Score Certification.  Gartner has listed us as a viable OSS Vendor in their Magic Quadrant report.  Intraway is also a MEF member, and Symphonica’s architecture is aligned with its Lifecycle Service Orchestration standard.  We are proud to be an ISO 9001 certified company since 2010.

Let’s Revolutionize the Telecom Industry Together

Intraway is always looking for software, hardware and services partners who provide complimentary solutions to their customers for network provisioning and automation. Check out our programs to learn more!

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