Marketing Tactics for HR

As best practices change and technology forges ahead, so is the face of human resources. If human resources want to work effectively while recruiting new and strong candidates, including retaining good employees, they need to keep up with the latest innovations. It is a change that has created unprecedented opportunities for HR to play an important role in molding how companies market themselves, access talent, and compete with other businesses. 

This article details a few of the technological, staff-based, recruitment, and marketing HR tactics that Intraway employs. 

Better Candidate Experience

One of the biggest HR strategies to bring in more job candidates is to improve the candidate experience during the hiring process. With many open job positions, all companies have to contest for the most skilled applicants and one way to do so is to ease up the application process.

Instead of resumes and cover letters, they can use applications, which would take a few minutes to fill out or which would make surveys and provide relevant information from candidates. HRs could also increase their focus on social media adverts that boost open positions. This would make finding job adverts easier for applicants. 

Beforehand Assessments on Resumes

Relying on cover letters and resumes to determine a candidate’s fitness for the job has now become a thing of the past. It is advisable for HR professionals to model pre-employment tests to assess a candidate’s skills. This way, an applicant can be hired based on his/her ability to get the job completed and not the information on their resume. Some assessments that can be used include a speed test, skills tests, aptitude tests, and personality tests. 

Recruitment Marketing

Recruiting the right candidates presently involves reflecting into who the company is and what it represents as an employer. Human Resources departments are strategically thinking about their hiring brand, which is why they are turning to recruitment marketing. It is similar to traditional marketing methods, but instead of attracting clients, candidates are the targets. 

Regardless of no open positions at the company, there is communication on what it is like to work with them through their blogs and social media. For instance, a company can share photos of employees at work or videos of employees sharing their experiences in the company. 

Building Mobile-Friendly Websites for Recruitment

In the present and coming years, most job seekers will expect to get jobs on their mobile gadgets and apply instead of having to wait for advertisements. Most grown-ups have mobile phones and for some, it’s the only way they can access the internet. Following this, a mobile-friendly website should be among the most essential HR strategies to follow when expanding their reach to bring in more job candidates. It is a part of the automation solutions Intraway offers to make HR jobs easier.

Market a Modern Benefits Package

Attracting and keeping new talent involves giving a benefits package, which appeals to the present-day worker. This includes not just flextime and parental leave, but also expanded fertility benefits, financial wellness programs, caregiver leave, and benefits that finance critical life scenarios. According to experts in marketing departments, recruitment marketing does exist, but given the demographics and significance of attracting new talent, most companies could add some of these benefits. 

Open Workforce

First and foremost, to find the best candidates, many HR departments are heading to an open workforce. This involves hiring independent contractors and freelancers on an as-required basis. These employees fill skill gaps in internal teams, and also pick up the slack when you’re short of staff. Hence, HR has to be inventive in its retention and recruiting efforts. 

The role of the HR department has over the years changed dramatically including the economy and the workforce. This means that tomorrow’s HR executives will need to be broader, bigger thinkers and they will also have to be tech-savvy, nimble enough to handle the increasingly marketing-driven duty list. 

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