Meeting Clients’ Needs: How to Offer the Best Support?

Make your clients feel happy and satisfied!

Preventing customers from leaving you for other competitors is the world’s most coveted talent management. One reason why companies lose customers is the poor care they give and the indifference shown by some support members in the company. However, an excellent quality response could be ruined if you make customers wait, for example. So, it is very clear in this situation that technical support services need to worry not only about giving a quality repair but also about ensuring quality care for clients.

Thus, I am going to give you some tips about how to offer the best support service:
Pay attention to the way we communicate with the client
This Blog is aimed to the attention via Ticket, a process used by the client and the support members whereby a problem can be reported to the supplier. It must be specified beforehand which will be the way of communication between customers and suppliers (via ticket, email, telephone calls, online calls, among others). It is important to know and respect these simple rules to be treated properly.

Greet the customer
It is important to greet the customer when taking a case, providing him/her all contact details of the support member who will take the ticket and thus the possibility of feeling free to communicate with such member anytime he/she needs. Keep in mind that customers are important and we have to make them feel that way.

Answer time
It is important that the customer receives a daily response or at least he/she should know that the support team is actively working on the issue. If there is a delay in response time, I shall let the customer know. Honesty builds trust in clients and relieve their anxiety and nervousness.
Provide guidance support
If the customer has many doubts, it is better to put such doubts all together in a document, explaining them in detail, and try to clarify them in just one note. This will make all the process quicker and response times shorter.

Speak accurately
Ask questions in a way that shows the customer you are worried and concerned about the issue and try to understand the client’s responses to be well informed of the situation. Avoiding sending a message such as “I cannot perform that action”, without specifying the reason, which may be many: configuration confusion, lack of permits, lack of complete data necessary for the functions, among others. When possible, ask for a document in which the customer describes the steps he/she followed so it is easier for the support team to solve the issue. If necessary, the document should include print screens in which the problem can be visualized.

Suggests one or more alternatives to address their concerns or issues. If the response is not satisfactory to the client, you need to apologize without blaming another person and put greater effort on the problem or find someone else to solve it.

Hints and Tips
It is important that the customer feels heard if the care was inadequate or the times were not as agreed. With a short poll, such matters can be improved and we can obtain suggestions and ideas from our customers.

Based on my experience, if you take into account these aspects to serve the customer, you will gain the confidence of the client and you will also climb a new step to recognition.

Make it happen!

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