New at Work: Comfortable and Productive All in One

It’s common to hear when someone changes jobs that companies don’t take new employees into account and nobody knows they’re new there.

When someone starts a job, different feelings and fears come up. Will there be anyone waiting for me? Will I have a desktop on my first day? Will anyone talk to me? When and how can I have lunch?

On the other hand, it’s common to hear managers saying: “I need new staff, but I need them to get down to work immediately. I don’t have any time to waste teaching them how to work.”
Those points are common. That’s why at Intraway we want to give people a good and effective onboarding process in order to help both new employees and managers.

Why is a Good Onboarding Process Important?

We work hard to select the best people to build the best team.

Once we have the best team, it is our responsibility to give each new employee a warm welcome and make sure he/she isn´t one more. We have to give them the tools and the necessary support to fully commit and to start working immediately.

How is our Induction Program?

At Intraway we work on the following induction plan:

  1. Before the new employee enters the company, we prepare the workspace, the computer, the system access and all the necessary tools to start working. Those details are important in order to create a good impression on their first day at work.
  2. Then, upon arrival, we organize a meeting between HR and the newcomer to introduce the company, its history, its values, the “Buddy Program” and the “Training Plan”. The objective of that meeting is to show that Intraway is a company that believes in people because with a good team we can reach success. This part of the process is essential to tell our employees that they aren´t one more but part of the company strategy.
  3. The Buddy Program consists in assigning a co-worker to the newcomer. This person will be in charge of assisting and introducing new employees to their co-mates and their workspace, and helping them to feel part of the environment.
  4. Training courses are essential to reduce unproductive time and help people to start working quickly.  As part of our Learning & Development Strategy, past July we launched an online platform call “LearnWay”. Its objective is to share knowledge among all of Intraway’s collaborators, improve professional development, and reduce orientation time for new employees, by teaching them about our practices, products, and processes.

These online agile platform has a course catalog of dozens of learning units divide in differents Bussines/Operational Tracks and in three levels of depth and exigency. Each course is asigned to the correspondent person/role/area/etc based on a detailed curricula.

Finnaly, with these training courses, our managers feel confident with the performance and productivity of their team.

5. HR Breakfast is a meeting where we make a follow-up of the newcomer during his first three months. The objective is to know how new employees have felt during this period and to give them the necessary support to keep on feeling comfortable and aligned to the company’s philosophy.

In conclusion, with those actions, we want our team to feel at ease and productive and to choose Intraway everyday as a great place to work.

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