Our Project Management Team Grew and This is What Happened

2020, despite being a really challenging year, was an excellent year for our project management team at Intraway. Not more than a year ago, we were only 4 people in this role, and we are now a team of 7 professionals. According to the organization chart, we are divided into two different Engineering teams, and we lead projects based on different products and dynamics. But that is just on paper. In everyday life, we work hard in order to keep up with the same best practices in both teams and we share our gains and losses as a big project management family.  We are as proactive as one can be and our actions make a lot of things happen. 

Here’s an introduction to NFV and SDN applications in 5G networks, their use cases and their importance to the telecommunications industry.

Let me tell you some of those fruitful things:

Better executed projects

  • More rhythm: we relentlessly deal with tasks and projects to keep them ticking and being eventually completed. An insisting PM can be the winning card when results are needed. There’s always a PM knowing what’s happening. And knowledge put into action is power.
  • More detailed planning: our timelines and plans set deadlines to be met. Stick to them, and chances are you finish your project in time, or at least, you finish it!
  • More follow-ups: continuously asking how things are going, checking the progress, and setting priorities are key elements to projects on track and moving. More muscle in the PM team means more projects delivered on time.

Better project results

  • Higher earned value: this year, we broke all the company historical records for this metric. The practices and values listed in this post lead us to these outstanding results, and it shows.
  • KPI and information automatization: one of our most important responsibilities is to keep project information updated. When the PMs are really taking care of their projects, the information is complete, accurate, and readily available.
  • Less waiting time for a project in backlog: with a more substantial team, we can afford to check all the projects in backlog more frequently. It is easier to keep the backlog tidy, neat, and healthier.
  • Less blocked projects: Following each project habitually, it is more likely to identify and foresee potential blockage causes. This leads to a more proactive discipline to prevent projects from stagnating.

Elevating the discussion

One of the most relevant effects of being a larger project management team are the following:

  • PMs discuss specific KPI values and analyze them more deeply. We know the projects inside out. We are the experts.
  • PMs ask more incisive questions. Those questions provoke actions and plant little seeds of new ideas, even in the most technical minds.
  • PMs have a tighter relationship with the project team. This is of immense value. Getting to know people better can multiply results in a very magical way.
  • We diversified the PM role. We are 7 people who think richer, who bring different backgrounds and experiences to the table. We listen and are listened to. We share and grow together. We are loving this mix!!

Here’s an introduction to NFV and SDN applications in 5G networks, their use cases and their importance to the telecommunications industry.


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