Platform Update

The constant change in the industries and technological advances that occur every day puts on alert to all organizations to search systems that are as updated as possible. Because of this change, it is found that Operating Systems constantly offer new functionalities and patches, either for security or for new functions. On the other hand, office applications generate new versions of their apps in search of safeguarding user´s information.

In productive systems that are a vital part of many organizations (banking applications, TELCO apps, financial systems) year by year, new functionalities are required. That situation allows offering a greater quantity of services, with better quality and improvements on processes that are already done, with the intention of always go with the latest technology.

Upgrading corporate systems is not an easy task, it should take a great deal of time to plan, verify and review the changes in detail. Likewise, it is not an activity that can be done from one day to the next. Because an interdisciplinary group with knowledge of the organization must be involved and help to raise the key points to reach a satisfactory end, in a way that the final user is not affected by the change.

Thus, in order to do the tasks completed, a series of guidelines and policies should be followed. These items should allow to do it in the best way, based on a correct planning to meet the acquired commitments.

Therefore, it is of great value to identify what is going to be offered to a client. Also, present a clear and concise offer, with defined limitations and control points, containing the new functionalities and improvements that may be presented. All this is defined in a joint work, that´s followed up with periodic meetings, with the objective of know the established goals.

It´s a tedious work, great effort and sacrifice are required for the interdisciplinary groups that participate in the project. But are professional challenges that help to form attitudes in the members of the same.

To finish, it must take into account several aspects as:

  • Planning: identify what you want to do in detail. Gathering information on flows and processes, recognizing key points to validate. Another important point is to determine what reports are generated by apps, to know what should be checked in the future.
  • Pre-requirements: determine connections, user, and connection permissions.
  • Execution of tests: to validate together the great number of use cases, is a determining topic to identify together if the delivered solution complies with the characteristics offered.
  • Execution activity: at this point, it is advisable to leave the smallest number of operations in order to have each point checked to avoid further inconveniences.
  • Review Again: this point is key in all project execution since depending on this, the outcome of the activities will be satisfactory or problems will arise.

In short, for the correct execution of an update requires time, planning, validation, commitment and support of related areas must be followed.


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