Post-COVID Customer Service: How to Make Remote Work Easier

Currently, humanity is going through a situation that does not discriminate against any social level, race, or gender. It is a situation that escapes the hands of any human being—a global pandemic.

At the same time, this situation is affecting all types of business that involve human contact. Telecommunications play a fundamental role in times of pandemic. Service providers double their efforts to provide a better service and guarantee their clients the communication they need. That is why they should not stop for any reason the projects they have on course to increase their service level.

How to keep agility in customer projects? How do you create an experience that’s easy to communicate, even for people who might never work remotely in ordinary circumstances? How do you help them troubleshoot problems? And how can you ever have the kind of relationship with those customers that you used to have with the people you could talk to, face to face?

Intraway has always been concerned with helping its customers, whatever the solution is being implemented. Most of the staff in a company such as Intraway is working remotely. If the project requires so, it is necessary to travel to provide an on-site assistance service. But nowadays, due to the current situation, remote work is a MUST that businesses have started, and they end up getting used to not having the provider on the side.

To maintain the same agile level of attention to a project, different methods and tools can be used that make remote work easier:

  • Workspace. The workspace is essential for each person working remotely—having a space that allows you to concentrate more on the project than on the surrounding situation is crucial.
  • Empathy for the person over the role. Before starting any call or any communication message with the client or a co-worker, bear in mind that the situation is being experienced by all of us, not just us alone, so always ask about the person and their family’s health. It helps to establish a more personal relationship than compulsory work and makes communication lighter.
  • Chat groups. The use of the cell phone is essential to maintain direct contact with the client or with third parties involved in a project. There are times when a message needs to be received by more than one person, so a phone call is not enough, and there is not enough time to call for last-minute meetings. An email could help, but to be honest, everyone has a natural push to view chats than to read emails on their cell phone. Platforms such as WhatsApp are of great help to create specific group chats where constant contact on a day-to-day basis is essential, both for defining project goals, to monitor, or provide support to an issue.
  • Keep your ears open. Digital natives can provide valuable suggestions. Some business owners get defensive when customers start talking about what they could do better, but if you implement customer suggestions, you’ll find not only that your base is more loyal but that you get free advertising as clients recommend you to friends.

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