Remote Work: Learn the Best Practices

Some may say remote work is easily accomplished simply by rising in the morning, then settling into a chair in a home office, along with the assistance of a cup of coffee. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Whether a person works from home or continues to go to an external office setting, if they want to remain successful, they’ll have to view remote work much in the same way as they did their prior work environment. In this article, we will outline several tips on how to be successful in today’s new remote work environment.

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Immediate Goals

Continue with a Morning Routine — Prior to the pandemic, many employees had a morning routine which may have included some heart-pumping exercise, a few minutes of listening to current events, and preparing for their day by reviewing and revising their daily calendar. It’s important to continue this type of routine even though one’s office may now just be a few steps away within the home. Vigorous exercise helps a person transition to a fully awake and alert state, and ready to meet the responsibilities of the day. Taking a few minutes to review and revise one’s daily calendar, allows one to remain organized and focused on the upcoming day.

Create a Working Environment — Employees who expect to spend a significant portion of their day on video conference calls should organize their working area.

The characteristics of your living environment affect a person’s productivity. Working in a messy environment could cause distractions and other adverse effects. A well-organized workspace has incredible benefits. It makes you feel in control and help you focus on defining areas that may need proper attention. An organized space can literally eliminate distractions, position you for success, save time, and help you stay super productive.

Secure Confidential Data — Whether employees regularly work remotely or are recently having to adjust to it, it remains of the utmost importance that they consider data protection. Employees will likely need to change their working behaviors and adapt to the circumstances when working from home. It is vital that they follow specific procedures to ensure that the data they have access to is handled and stored safely. They should understand what actions they can take to protect any sensitive and confidential information.

Long Term Goals 

Manage Uncertainty — While many managers and staff members have become adjusted to working at home, there is still a surreal quality to it as the future remains somewhat uncertain. Will companies ever re-open their physical offices? When will this occur? No one yet knows the answers to these questions. It’s still too soon to have a firm expectation of what managing or being part of a team is going to look like in a few months, let alone a few years. Nevertheless, it’s vital to resist the sense of being in limbo. Companies in the midst of facing uncertainty themselves are not succumbing to confusion, thus managers and team members must resist as well, even though they may feel somewhat distant from their organization. 

Visualize and Prioritize — Prior to the pandemic, most professionals had a vision of what professional success meant to them personally. Of course, they also had an obligation to use their skills and talents to achieve the company’s goals that employed them. All of this still holds true even though their working environment may have changed dramatically. They must continue to meet corporate goals, as well as visualize their own career path. Then they must prioritize those steps that will take them from where they are now to where they want to be in the future, both within their current organization and beyond.

Learn the difficulties, which eventually become threats, of legacy systems and the strategies to deal with them in this blog post.

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