Learning the Ropes: Scrum Master

The idea of ​​the following blog post is to be able to tell about my experience in my beginnings as a scrum master and give some valuable suggestions that helped me in my day-to-day work.

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The beginning

Currently, I have one year of experience as a scrum master. I work with people in different parts of Latin America.

When I decided to continue in this branch in my career, I had all kinds of doubts and fears. I began to watch videos, take courses. In my day-to-work day, I tried to catch up with the different situations that I encountered. They presented, I understood that at this point the treatment and support that your co-workers give you is very important, I understood that maintaining a good work environment helps to enjoy our work, and that the collaboration of the team strengthens you in the next steps that you want to take as scrum master within the team. When the team gives you that confidence, you don’t have to be struggling with the recognition that your teammates give you as a scrum master in the team.

A little more experience

As time passed, I understood many things about what I was going through as a scrum master compared to what I saw in the videos and courses that I took. At the beginning of my training, I found a perfect work methodology, but I could not apply it one hundred percent in my work team. Many points of the agile methodology had to be adapted. I learned that the ideas, the comments, our first strategy, must be refined constantly.

Beyond the role that each person in the team plays, I understood that each one is different as a person, so we have to have the tact to be able to transmit them and be able to obtain positive responses from them, in a certain way the team must adapt to the new modality but otherwise, we as scrum master must adapt to each person within the team in order to strengthen the relationship and have a good predisposition in each assigned task.


At present, I feel much more comfortable than when I logically started. I have more experience than at the beginning. When something begins to work in a stable way we must start continuous improvement, automating the maximum number of tasks, we must take into account that not everything we implement will work, for this reason, we must always suggest and carry out improvements discussed with the team.


Take into account what each member of the team speaks in each daily meeting and keep a record of it, take into account warnings, blockages, unlocks, celebrate the good news. This will allow us to be the nexus to be able to solve any problem presented to us as a team.

Train the people on your team, improve your expertise in each training, listen to options. This will help you a lot to grow.

Have short recreational talks with the members of your team and also with people who are not within your team, always stay alienated from the other scrum masters of the company if there are any.

Acquire skills

If it is necessary that you require a skill that you do not have in order to solve a problem, you must work to acquire it.

Train yourself constantly, listen to people who already have more experience in this role.

Not everything works the way you want

On the way as a scrum master, you will find multiple situations in which you cannot advance, at this point is when we must tighten the nuts or perhaps completely modify that point where we cannot advance, I give you an example in the daily huddle we extend more than necessary with technical comments, this is something that we must adjust, at that moment we can give a format to what each person has to say, or we can time the time in their comments or see some other way to shorten these comments that can often be useful or often need a chat with outside the huddle.

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