Synergy in the workplace: our HR proposal

The main challenges for companies today are related to productivity, efficiency and innovation management. These important factors in the success/failure of a business are related to the possibility that these companies have to attract and manage Talent, furthermore the way they have to generate commitment and collaboration. Here are some examples of how to go that route.


An innovative company has to offer its employees a whole set of benefits and incentive proposals. In this age of collaborative work where creativity is so important, it is necessary to create a cooperative climate where people can unlock their full potential. Besides generating engagement is the key to boost productivity. This is particularly true for a company such as Intraway, which provides software solutions for Telecommunications companies.

At Intraway, we seek to embody these principles with different guidelines and innovative actions. To take the initiative and retain our staff in nowadays challenging context, we have developed a series of human resources policies based on trust and motivation, which we manage in a coordinated way.

Flexibility for free time

One of the cutting-edge proposals to strengthen the ties of loyalty with our staff is the “XL Days” benefit. This unlimited, responsible holiday policy is aimed at all staff whose has at least one year of work in our company. In addition to the holiday days that are defined by law, employees have extra days to enjoy throughout the year, following an approval scheme and with a maximum of 7 days in a row.

With this benefit, we seek to make people feel relaxed when they need free time to solve different personal or family issues. It also provides ownership and accountability for all employees that have to have on target their goals to plan their extra vacations.

Recognizing good performance

We believe that workforce feeling valued is a major cause of satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. In this sense, recognizing good performance is a central issue. If a company does not care about the employee’s effort and job, they will not care about quality, time, and resources. That’s why at Intraway we have set appreciation and recognition as central aspects of our HR policy. So as to foster motivation and create a high performance and cooperation culture, we seek to transform appreciation and recognition into a constant practice. This leads to a greater commitment and strengthens the sense of belonging.

To translate these guidelines into concrete actions, we have developed a reward and recognition program that includes for instance a daily performance recognition -every employee can recognize a teammate through an internal social network on one of 3 categories of `kudos’ (Thank you, Good Work and Amazing) which provide a different amount of credits. We also offer quarterly awards for performance (both for individual and groups), and annual performance bonuses. All these appreciation prizes are mentioned in global internal events to give the correct visibility to those that show outstanding performance during a specific period, project or behavior.

On the other hand, we conduct two annual performance evaluations.

Other concrete benefits

Intraway also handles a flexible schedule policy. Employees can access in-company English, Spanish or Portuguese classes. And their health is taken care of by a well-known prepaid health coverage, with a family plan that provides first class services.

We offer subsidized lunch and also have a cafeteria with free snacks, soft drinks, fruits, etc.

In addition, we have developed a program of internal and external training. We also have an online training platform that lets us share knowledge among all Intraway’s collaborators, improve professional development and reduce orientation time for new employees.

Do you think these combined actions constitute a consistent motivation policy for staff? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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