The Act of Teaching Online

As an introduction, the blog will talk about the points you need to know to give online training. Needless to say that it is essential to understand the topic you want to convey. However, in this blog, we will see tips to make the online learning experience more rewarding.

Choose the appropriate platform

Before starting, please take into account your needs and choose the platform that best responds to them. The learning site must handle the number of people invited and allow for as long as necessary. Different sites offer different features, including chat functions and group meetings that occur simultaneously within the class session.

Test before you start

This is a very important point to make before class. It is recommended to test the platform, the audio, the video and the content to be used in the class.

Think about the spectators

If you don’t have a group chat for your meeting yet, create one. My team uses Slack, but WhatsApp, Hangouts, and other platforms can work too. I interact with business partners much more frequently during this period of virtuality than when we were in the office together. 

The most boring way to teach is simply speaking, so adding visuals to your presentation is important. If you need help designing innovative content, you can check out Google Slide to find creative ideas, links to visual technology platforms, and other tips for teaching online.

Give individual attention to your viewers

It is important to build a relationship with all members, which becomes important when you cannot participate in basic social interactions in a physical environment. This is not always feasible, depending on the size of the meeting, but prioritize the needs of your viewers and respond as quickly as possible.


Communication among distributed teams poses its own particular challenges. Read here to learn more about different communication tools for remote teams and how to make the most out of each one.


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