The Other Side of a Technical Support Engineer

When one thinks of a Technical Support Engineer, the first thing that comes to mind is a person dealing with customer complaints.

It’s as simple as that. In the same way that we imagine a butcher cutting meat, we imagine a guy or girl behind a computer screen providing a necessary solution for every problem the customer runs into.

Even though this is not totally wrong, there’s something you should know: there is much more out there that we strive to achieve.

What do WE do for a Living?

In Intraway we work hard to meet our goals. Two of our main objectives are research and product optimization. We are one of the largest groups dedicated exclusively to solving problems and thus adapt to difficult circumstances and interact across platforms and business units.

This means: we are not only willing to do the basics of our work, but also improve it and deliver products with excellence.asd

No Pain, No Gain

Thanks to our efforts to overcome complicated issues, we incorporate regular improvements and foresee new difficulties that might appear in the near future.

Our desire is to move forward and take our work to the next level. We want to inform our customers, so they can learn about and handle unexplored issues. Moreover, we want to provide them with more information, so that we achieve a continuous improvement.

A Life of Service

Technical support consists of a range of services that provide assistance. As we mentioned before, we work to help customers solve specific problems.

A support technician must have real technical skills, and the ability to listen to customers and act as a mediator. More importantly, support technicians must be methodical and analytical.

They must have the mastery of physical and remote tools to do their jobs.
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How Can I Help You?

Technical support can be provided in different ways. One of them, the media, comprises e-mail, chat, application software and faxes. Nonetheless, the most common method is still the phone.

There are two types of support:

-On-site Technical Support
-Remote Technical Support

On-site Technical Support

Through this type of support, the technician is in the area or place where the defective device is. By being present on the scene, the technician is able to contact clients directly and serve them better.

Remote Technical Support

The technician is at a remote location and provides assistance by phone or e-mail.

Levels of Technical Support

For support to be properly organized, it should be divided in several levels. These levels go from gathering the customer´s information to managing the servers’ operations.

To find out more about our Technical Support Team, please visit our website,, and see all the different job opportunities we have for you.


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