Three Levels of Learnability

Are you passionate about the work you do? When it comes to learning new things, do you have a consistent “hungry mind” or thirst for learning? Answering “yes” or “no” to these questions says a great deal about a person’s level of learnability, which in simple terms, is one’s willingness and ability to quickly grow his or her skill set. This is particularly important in the field of information technology where the work environment is a continually changing landscape. If a person wants to remain relevant and enjoy consistent success in their career, it’s important to cultivate a mindset that is continually “hungry.”

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Three Levels of Learnability

There are three levels of learnability, and where a person falls on the scale is very telling of whether they are likely currently enjoying career success, or if they are struggling.

  • High learners.
  • Potential learners.
  • Low learners.

High learners are excited about their career and eager to learn more. So much so that they use their own initiative to participate in further career development and training. Potential learners recognize that personal and educational development are part of a successful career path, but for some reason they haven’t yet taken the initiative to pursue anything beyond their initial degree. Low learners may have once had an intense desire to learn more about an interest, but somewhere along the way they lost their passion for learning or got bogged down by distractions.  

Looking at the scale, if you feel you are at the level of a high learner, that’s great. You likely have a genuine passion for your career. If you are mid-range on the scale, it’s good that you recognize the value of further career development, but that recognition needs to be followed up with real action. If you are at the lowest end, it’s important to gain an understanding of how and why distractions got in the way of your former career passion, so you can regain your focus.

Reaching for the Next Level

Anyone who wants to remain relevant in their career must understand the importance of continually reaching for the next level. It’s estimated that 45% of the work that people perform now could be automated with today’s current technology. And up to 65% of the jobs that Generation Z will perform someday haven’t even yet been invented. To say that it’s important to develop an agile mindset in order to remain relevant in one’s field, is an understatement. 

Rather than being fearful about losing one’s relevance, it’s important to look at the changing work landscape in a positive light and simply embrace change. It’s possible for anyone to regain their focus and become a continuous and deliberate learner once again. Some of the actions one may want to take on their path to learnability include:

  • Developing a wide career network.
  • Engaging in knowledge or social/work events.
  • Acquiring more technical skills.
  • Taking on additional projects or leadership roles.
  • Acquiring membership in professional organizations.
  • Developing a consistent habit of reading and learning more about one’s field.
  • Writing about and sharing ideas.
  • Developing critical listening skills.


As the years go by, it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus on one’s career goals. However, it’s never too late to remember why one chose to enter a particular field or industry, then regain one’s focus on what was likely one of his or her main passions. Professionals of every age are now going back to school to work toward advanced or additional degrees. Other educational opportunities such as training seminars or career-related events abound and are a great way to meet others who are passionate about what they do. These types of events also have the added bonus of expanding one’s opportunities for sharing and listening to new ideas.

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Discover the world of Open Source and all the various possibilities that it offers, based on open exchange, which gives developers plenty of benefits.

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