Top 7 Job Posting Sites To Find High-Quality Talent Now

As businesses across the country try to recover and rebuild, HR professionals are facing a new challenge: a lack of employees.

According to a recent study by the National Federation of Independent Business, over 40% of businesses had job openings that could not be filled.  90% of those trying to recruit witnessed few and unqualified applicants for the openings.

Industry experts warn that businesses that don’t find the right talent now are less likely to grow their businesses as fast as they should. But all is not lost.

Seasoned HR leaders know that where you post your job openings has a huge impact on the number and quality of applicants you receive. So if you want to increase your chances of getting high-quality talent, here are five job posting sites to consider:  


With more than 740 million members, LinkedIn is one of the widely used career development platforms out there right now.

Many recruiters and HR professionals use it to look for candidates. Forbes reports that over 95% of recruiters are on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you can:

  • Post jobs
  • Search profiles
  • Message candidates
  • Get referrals from current employees
  • Engage passive candidates
  • Boost your brand


Indeed is the most popular job board in the world.  With over 200 million people visiting the platform every month, it can give you access to a large, diverse, and comprehensive pool of talent.

Many recruiters use Indeed because:

  • It’s cost-effective: you can post a job for free
  • You can search for your perfect candidate using a sponsored service.
  • Showcase your brand to attract high-quality talent

Zip Recruiter

With hundreds of job boards available online, it may seem impossible to post your job opening to all of them. And that’s where ZipRecruiter comes in handy.

Apart from being a job board site, ZipRecruiter syndicates your posts across other sites. 


As mentioned earlier, many job seekers today want to see more than the job to apply for. Many want to know your company culture, mission, purpose, benefits, and other perks.

So if you want to sell potential applicants more than the job opening, Glassdoor can be a good option. The site allows employees to rate their employers.

Assuming you have a great company that people enjoy working at, employee reviews can make a huge impact on the number and quality of applicants you receive. Glassdoor’s online career community has grown tremendously in the last five years to over 70 million unique users.


If you’re looking for affordable ways to reduce your recruitment costs, SimplyHired is the place to post your job openings.

Here, you just post your job and job seekers can easily find it by industry and region. If you want to get on top of search results, you pay extra especially when someone clicks on your posting.


Most job boards are geared towards candidates who have no jobs. This leaves out people with jobs looking for greener pastures.

The Recruiter site aims to fill that gap. People with jobs create profiles and the site sieves through thousands of job listings and notifies qualified candidates by email. 


Many businesses in need of skilled workers, like technology, don’t have enough women in their workforce. This can be detrimental to your company since you will lack diversity.

If you’re struggling to find skilled women, Mogul can help. The platform connects women worldwide to trending content.

As the economy slowly rebounds, businesses will open doors and more employees will be needed. We hope these platforms help you attract, find, and hire the best employees for your company. 

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