Value Propositions for Employees

Employee Value Proposition usually entails a set of both monetary and non-monetary benefits that an organization provides to its employees. Employees receive these benefits in exchange for their skills, capabilities, experience, and the contributions they make to your organization. Whenever a qualified employee considers working for your company, they usually evaluate a lot of factors. Some of the factors they consider include salary, benefits, organizational values, and company culture, among others. This shows that an effective value proposition is important for your organization and it needs to be well communicated to the employees. Here is how to communicate effective value propositions to your employees. 

Brand Internally for Employee Engagement 

Companies that usually boast the best employee benefit programs are not the companies with the most benefits but rather it’s the companies with the best communication programs. This clearly shows that it’s important to properly brand and present your benefits to employees. Organizations need to conduct an employee engagement survey and take time to communicate their plans to employees. If your employees fail to hear information and updates about the benefits you’re preparing for them, they will tend to think that nothing is happening.  

Rather than just over-branding your services or products to the outside world, take time and communicate your culture and employee value proposition internally. You should not spend countless hours carrying out external product branding and fail to communicate your employment brand on the inside. You need to continually remind your employees about your value proposition. This message becomes very inspirational and employees get motivated to work more effectively and efficiently. Everyone wants to work for companies whose culture is to promote and uphold employee value proposition. 

Leverage the Right Channels 

The key to effectively communicating employee value proposition is to leverage the right channels of communication. For your employees, you need to establish and build on consistent and reliable communication. Some of the communication channels you can take advantage of include company newsletters, emails, website blogs, video conferencing, messaging apps, and town halls, among other efficient communication platforms. 

Leveraging the right channels is effective in building a favorable employer brand for the whole organization. To streamline your communication strategies, segment your communication audiences in various departments, branches located in different places, as well as through the organization’s management. This will essentially ensure that communication is relevant and engaging. 

Don’t Forget External Employee Engagement 

Once you’ve effectively communicated the message internally, it’s the right time to make sure that the message reaches the external audience. You can use your mainstream marketing and advertising tools to create awareness about your employment brand. When it comes to communicating your value proposition during recruitment, you have to mobilize your external communication channels to share important information with your potential candidates. The value proposition should also be shared across the whole onboarding process. This will create a positive candidate experience as they get to know what they will gain as employees in your organization. This will help you to establish and grow an employer brand as well as stay competitive within your respective industry. 

Ensure Message Alignment 

To cultivate an effective understanding of your EVP, your employees need to see consistency in the image you sell to them during the day-to-day working of your organization. Whether it’s internal newsletters, Facebook page, Website, or direct communication, employees requires to receive consistent messages about your value proposition. This allows you to build trust and convey your value effectively. It’s therefore important to build a consistent experience across every touchpoint with your branding. You need to understand that your value proposition is the foundation of your brand and needs to be conveyed efficiently in your communication and marketing.  

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