From Client to Employee – My Experience Working at Intraway

I’m a telecommunications engineer and today I am going to share with you what led me to work at Intraway and my experience here.

At Intraway, we’re always looking for the best talent in the tech industry. Think you have what it takes? Check out our open positions

From Software to Telecommunications – Choosing a Major

My father is a software engineer and many of the people I know in my circle are software engineers. When I went to college, almost everyone back at that time was into computers and the Internet. Many of those people – including me – knew how to code a bit of HTML, PHP or how to create a basic CSS file for styles. Because of this, somehow I got the feeling that studying a major in software for something that I could learn by myself seemed like a waste of time. Considering that I was only going to have one degree to make a living out of it, I decided to go with telecommunications. To me that was more appealing since antennas, radiofrequency and satellites were more unknown to me than a programming language.

So there I was young, dumb and full of dreams about what was going to become my profession. I had to study really hard because I was on a scholarship. I really paid attention to every single class and I never flunked any of them. I enjoyed what I studied very much and felt passionate about it.

When I graduated, I decided that I wanted to work for Telmex, the greatest telco operator in Mexico. I’m glad to be able to say I had the opportunity to do it. It was not easy because it was a very difficult place to get into. I worked there for approximately two years (Telmex and Telmex Internacional AKA América Móvil).

Meeting Intraway – As a Client

During that time I was part of the team in charge of setting up all the BSS/OSS systems for Claro Chile. That’s when I was introduced to Intraway. It was such a great experience collaborating with Intraway from the operators’ side. I loved every second of it; being in the datacenter testing suspension for video, defining the process with different directors in Claro, seeing the work I was doing impacting the business. It has been one of the best professional experiences of my life – so far.

After working in Claro Chile I thought I needed a new challenge so I decided to try my luck in the USA for a couple of years working in Xerox. It was totally a different industry. I enjoyed working in the States, but I really missed the telco industry.

The Experience of Working at Intraway

Just when I was thinking of going back to the telco industry, Lucas Lodeiro reached out to offer me a position at Intraway. I gladly accepted. I had already collaborated with the company from the operator side and respected their work – joining Intraway was a no-brainer.

I’ve been working at Intraway for more than 5 years now. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on very exciting projects, such as Mobile activator in Puerto Rico and Symphonica (Intraway’s orchestration engine) in an operator in the USA.

I work at Intraway because Intraway has given me the opportunity to work on exciting projects in which I make a true impact and at the same time challenge myself. I’m very passionate about the telecom industry and appreciate the opportunity to grow within it. Every day, I come to work excited about the opportunity of working on exciting projects that further industry expertise.

They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life. I’m glad to be able to say that.

At Intraway, we’re always looking for the best talent in the tech industry. Think you have what it takes? Check out our open positions

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