Work Anniversary

This April (2015) I’m celebrating four years at Intraway. Some people reflect on their anniversaries, and when it comes to work, I am one of those people. A job, at least in our current job market, is a choice you make every day. So, I wondered: “Why do I keep working for this company?” I must be happy here, otherwise I would be writing a sadomasochist saga… (Wait!! Someone did just that and cashed several checks… It isn’t a bad idea after all). Anyway, here’s the result of my own personal reflection.

Is It About the Professional Challenge?

One of the advantages of my job is the challenge it represents for me. I like to be in continuous movement. I need to know that I can take a new step forward and there’s going to be something exciting waiting for me. I get that at Intraway. The company is growing and has established ambitious goals. It’s great to be part of this.

Is It About the Nice Office and Cool Benefits?

I’ve worked in several offices and environments. It’s different here the good kind of different: you have everything you need to be able to do your best work, from comfortable offices to free snacks and sodas. You can gain some weight with those, but you also get a discount for the gym: everything is figured out!

Is It About the Opportunity Package?

Intraway provides a lot of opportunities! You just have to see them through the right glass. You have the opportunity to work in an intercultural company, with colleagues from all over the world, learning to see beyond your nose and respect other points of view. The opportunity to add value and be acknowledged for it. The opportunity to reinvent yourself if you want a new position or role. The opportunity to be an awarded artist for the first time in your life (I actually won a photography contest… It doesn’t matter it was not that professional, I´m proud anyway).

The opportunities are there. It´s up to you to make the most out of them.

Is It About the People?asd

Here the mood is…. how can I put it? “Unconventional”? (Let’s not say “special”. Ralph might be offended, if you know what I mean…)
At Intraway you can be yourself. You can bring along your Star War figures, concentrate under your Knights of the Zodiac helmet, wear your Batman t-shirt, and even try to bribe the project manager with a chewable coffee candy (unsuccessfully, by the way). Office hours are part of your life, and you should enjoy them too!! We work hard, but we also celebrate and party (we have our own rock festival!).
In the end, I realized it´s just the Intraway lifestyle: the right adventurous-nerdy-community life combo. The right one for me at least.
If you’d like to experience it, give it a try! We’re waiting for you!
Write to and start enjoying the ride!

About Me

I am an Information Systems engineer with a Master’s degree in Technological and Strategic Management. I have 12 years of professional experience in software quality, processes, and projects. I work at Intraway as a Project Manager.

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