Working at Intraway

Why did I consider writing about this topic? Well, first of all, I thought that, at a certain age, nothing could surprise me anymore. However, I believe that such a rule cannot be applied to the workplace. I still remember when I started working, wearing suits and ties in a very structured and rigid environment. Places, where communication happened through emails and meetings, become pressure cookers for those who had to participate.

Intraway has offices in several countries and many employees work from home some days or remotely full-time. Learn how we make Distributed Teams Work

The Interview Process

Intraway’s interview process was not the traditional one since my interview was carried out remotely. I was working in a province of our country, and I did not have time to attend in person. This interview was not different from the others I had had in the past. I had rejected two job offers the week before, although I was looking for a change, I was not impressed. However, in this case, something happened, so I decided to look up references for Intraway. I wanted to know a little more about the company, apart from the information I had received in the interview.

I started searching the name of the company, and the reviews that appeared in Google caught my attention. Don’t know why, but I was curious about the opinions of those people who had worked there. Among all the comments, some stood out from the rest, such as the excellent location, snacks, and a pleasant working environment. 

Working at Intraway

After a month of working in the company, I would highlight other things, such as a good and pleasant work environment, which is undoubtedly the most important thing. This becomes evident when people are treated equally since it is very difficult to detect the role of each person unless the operation requires it.

You do not usually see crowds of people leaving the workplace when working hours end. I have had to leave at different times, even after 6 pm, and I have seen people getting together, hanging out, having a coffee in a relaxed way, and talking about non-working issues, when these kinds of things usually happen outside the office.

Another aspect to highlight is the support I have received in the daily meetings since I have been able to raise all kinds of doubts, and I have always got polite answers from my partners.

Technology companies tend to grow very fast, and trying to find a balance is not an easy task. Indeed, I do not know if there are any formulas to achieve it. I feel that the initial structure persisted for many years. To my mind, this is essential, given that technology companies often grow faster than other kinds of companies, and they are forced to incorporate people who can help them assimilate this situation. In conclusion, an excellent slogan to describe the company could be “Good ideas, good people.”

Intraway has offices in several countries and many employees work from home some days or remotely full-time. Learn how we make Distributed Teams Work

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